Women in Ministry: The Deborahs of the CPD

[fa icon="calendar"] October 18, 2019 / by Edgar Castro

God has blessed my life with a beautiful family, and of course, my wife is my greatest treasure. After years of studying with Tozer Seminar, my beloved wife and three other Hispanic women from the Central Pacific District have obtained their CPD license. Now Teresa Barrera, Lilia Ramirez, Cathy Sanchez and Nubia Castro are accredited to work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Women and Children Ministries.

Congratulations Women of CPD

This article is dedicated to all our CPD women, and to those who will be joining us in proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus had no problem when it came to helping a woman in need. He did the same with lepers and sick.  Jesus came to proclaim the good news to the poor and oppressed. Undoubtedly, among those people, there were many women (Luke 4:18).

He had no problem speaking in public and instructing the Samaritan woman (John 4:27). He let a woman touched His mantle despite her impurity state (Mark 5:25-34). He cured a hunched woman on a Saturday and called her "daughter of Abraham" (Luke 13:10-16). He prevented an adulterous woman from being stoned, as her accusers demanded, and spoke to her words of encouragement and confidence (John 8:3-11).

He let His feet be kissed and anointed with perfume by a woman. As a result, it caused a great scandal among the Pharisees, who invited Him and His disciples to their home. (Luke 7:36-50). He healed Peter's mother-in-law and took her by the hand (Mark 1:29-31). His head was anointed in Bethany, at Simon's house, with costly perfume and defended the woman who performed that action (Mark 14:3-9).

On the way to the Calvary, some women, while they were crying, met Jesus, and He showed His love and tenderness for them (Luke 23:26-30). The words addressed to them were not very comforting, "Daughters of Jerusalem, do not cry for me; Cry rather for you and for your children" (Luke 23:28).

At the Calvary, He contemplated at a distance a scene of pain and sorrow from a group of women who had followed Him from Galilee (Mark 15.40; Matt 27.55-56; Luke 23.49). Those who witnessed His passion and death should be the first ones to see the risen Lord. But now, we have a meaningful and significant fact:  women were the first ones to see the risen Jesus and were commissioned to announce it to the disciples (Matt 28:7; Luke 24:9).

All this demonstrates the love of our Lord Jesus Christ has for women and the importance He has given them to be part of His kingdom. In the book of Judges, there is a story I like very much. I compare it to all the women of the CPD. It is the story of Deborah. According to the book of Judges, Deborah was a prophet of God to the Israelites, the fourth judge of pre-monarchic Israel, and the only female judge mentioned in the Bible.

Let's take a look at a few characteristics of Deborah of the Bible and our Deborahs of the CPD Alliance Family:

SUBMITTED TO GOD: A woman bowed to God because she totally depended on Him and only made decisions within God's will.

INTERCESSOR: She passed the level of a selfish prayer; instead, she prayed for Her people and others and not only for her needs.

PROPHETIC GIFT: A gift she obtained from God as a result of the relationship she had with Him.

KNOWLEDGE OF HER PURPOSE: She knew what her purpose was, and she focused on leading God's people.

A BRAVE WOMAN:  She was doing things and going forward with determination and boldness.

WARRIOR: She was aware of the importance of going to war as a way established by God for obtaining victory.

A MARRIED WOMAN: Despite her position as a judge, she was a strict woman and submitted to her husband; she knew how to establish her limits as a woman, judge, warrior, and wife.

MATERNAL: Although she was a warrior woman, with leadership, she was not a controversial figure but a tender and maternal mother (a sweet warrior mother).

Again, Congratulations to Teresa Barrera, Lilia Ramirez, Cathy Sanchez, Nubia Castro and all the women who serve. You are the Deborahs of the Central Pacific District!

In His Name,

Edgar Castro


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