Why Your Church Should Consider Having a Hispanic Ministry

[fa icon="calendar"] March 14, 2016 / by Edgar Castro

Our Hispanic community keeps growing every day.

Are we ready to help and share the Gospel with them here in our own backyard?


Demographic Profile of Hispanics in
California, 2011

This profile contains demographic and economic facts about the Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations in the state of California. All analyses are from Pew Hispanic Center tabulations of the 1% Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) sample of the 2011 American Community Survey 1. For some states where the population of Hispanics or other groups is relatively small, reliable estimates of some indicators cannot be generated. This is indicated by the insertion of "n/a" in the text of this document and in the associated tables.


Total Hispanic Population in California











Hispanics as Percent of State Population



Hispanics as Percent of U.S. Hispanic Population



Native-Born Hispanics (Percent of Hispanics)



Foreign-Born Hispanics (Percent of Hispanics)



Mexican Origin (Percent of Hispanics)



Non-Mexican Origin (Percent of Hispanics)



Many times we hear about bad news on all different kinds of social media; and many times the bad news involves Hispanic people.

My question is this:

Is our Church ready and willing to help the Hispanic population?

The Bible says:

“10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” - Luke 19:10 (NIV)

There are about 100 churches in the Central Pacific District and only about 10 of these are Hispanic churches.

I feel very happy every time I hear that churches are going to different countries to help in many ways – but what are we doing with all the people that live in our own backyard?

For the last 12 months I’ve being working with the Hispanic pastors from our district (CPD) and I’ve discovered that we have many good leaders that are willing to work and help our community.

If your church does not have a Hispanic ministry yet, but you would like to, please get in touch with me at the District Office. I will share with you about how we can help you start a Hispanic ministry in your church using our Hispanic leaders.

If you want to help or support a Hispanic church in our district that’s already working with the community, please contact me at the number below.

This is a great opportunity for us to show the love of God to the Hispanic population by seeking and helping all people.


Edgar Castro


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