Why to Risk Being Vulnerable With Others

[fa icon="calendar"] July 6, 2016 / by Ray Van Gilst

white_bird_on_barbed_wire_fenceRick Warren does a good job of pointing out that while there are a lot of risks we need to take as pastors and church workers, one of the risks we need to take most is the risk to be vulnerable. None of us are perfect, and when we risk being vulnerable with others, we give them permission not to be perfect either. I believe a culture of humility is one of the more important cultures we cultivate in our own communities. I was recently part of a board (not mine), where it was acknowledged that there was a serious lack of trust between levels in the organization. Maybe this attribute has something to do with that.

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By: Rick Warren

Vulnerability: A Forgotten Virtue of Great Leadership

You don’t know it all. There are limits to your knowledge, ability and energy. And while the competitive nature of our culture, which often sneaks into our lives in ministry, would have us hide all of our weaknesses in fear, there is tremendous power in becoming vulnerable with people.

Deciding to become vulnerable is risky. As church leaders, there will be people in our congregations who don’t want us to be human. They would prefer that we wear a halo and pretend that we’re never really tempted to sin in the same ways that they are. They feel safer if we, as spiritual leaders, are immune to the crass realities of life.

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