Why Go To Another Country?

[fa icon="calendar"] July 28, 2016 / by Dr. Larry G. Shelton

map_of_cambodiaI just returned from Cambodia. 

Why I didn’t go: It wasn’t for the climate – I prefer cooler, drier air.

It wasn’t for all the natural and manmade wonders – though they are amazing.

It wasn’t for the long flight times and change in diet.

Why did I go?

The first time I visited Cambodia was on a vision tour. I wanted to see for myself “why?” the CPD has selected Cambodia and surrounding nations for one of our strategic partnerships. I “got it” then and I get it even more now. Cambodia is a country of great spiritual need and hunger. No wonder it is the second most responsive nation in the world to the Gospel.

The second time I went (with a team of seven…just a couple of weeks ago) was a result of having accepted the invitation to host a Field Forum for all our workers there. What happened?

I met dedicated amazing workers from four different countries. Translation: I have new Christian friends in more parts of this world.

I discovered anew the sacrifices they are making to be on the front lines of spreading the Gospel to unreached people groups.

I had the privilege of praying with a wide spectrum of people from those who live in what we would call the “slums” to those who serve in the Cambodian government.

I realized all over again for the first time that so many of our problems in America are “first world” problems; problems the rest of our world would be happy to have. For me, that reality puts Kingdom priorities in perspective once again.

I had my visual horizon elevated again. I was able to see beyond not only my needs and our church’s needs, and our community’s needs, but also to the needs of another entire country and its people.

So, when’s your next mission trip?

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