When Life’s Weather Changes Grab an Umbrella

[fa icon="calendar"] November 30, 2015 / by Mike Mitchum

young_girl_playing_in_the_rain_with_umbrellaIt set out to be a normal shopping trip. It was cloudy when I left the house. Just as I arrived at my destination the clouds burst open and a drenching rain poured down. As I parked the car, I watched as people scurried to avoid getting soaked. Most were dressed (as I was) in summer clothes not expecting such a drastic change in the weather.

If there is one constant in this world, it’s that things change.

The seasons change, our bodies grow older, and friendships take on different meaning over the years. Our income may change for better or worse because of a change in employment. Health problems can change our lives drastically. We’re often unprepared for such changes.

But take heart!

There’s one change we will never face. Maybe you are way ahead of me and know what I am going to say. I’m encouraged by the fact that God never changes. James wrote this in his letter that is found in the New Testament:

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 

- James 1:17 (NIV)

This verse tell us that we can always count on Him to be the same. That sameness is illustrated in this verse with his immutable desire to give good gifts to his children. In fact, James says they come down like rain. Gifts of blessing. The gift of salvation. Gifts of healing. Pouring down on us.

Later that day, my granddaughter and I went out to the backyard. There was a puddle on the patio. You know what she did, right? She walked over to it, then into it, then stomped her feet to splash the water. What fun! Watching her, I wished it would start raining. I wanted to see her run around in it, spreading her arms and sticking out her tongue as she looked to the sky. I’m sure she would have wanted to catch a few of those raindrops in her mouth.

As adults we hurry to get out of the rain. As children of our heavenly Father, we can spread out our arms, look skyward and let God’s good gifts pour down on us. Who needs an umbrella?

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