What I’ve Learned as the Great Commission Women’s Director

[fa icon="calendar"] September 8, 2017 / by Breanna Lutolf

Breanna is the leader for Great Commission Women in our district. Get to know her a little as you read her blog article. She lives in Sacramento and attends Gateway Fellowship where her husband Brian is the Missions Director. These are two people that are SOLD OUT for what God is doing around the world through the Alliance.

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I’ve been the Great Commission Women’s Director for almost 3 years. The past few years have been filled with all sorts of moments ranging from ‘Oh boy, what did I get myself into?’ to ‘Awesome, I got this,’ then back to ‘God are you sure you called the right person?’ Even now, I wonder these things, and then I hear the still, small voice of God telling me ‘Yes.’ and my own voice still wondering what I got myself into. Ha! Ha!

The Biggest Thing I’ve Learned

As I reflect, I’ve learned a lot about the women in our district. The biggest thing I’ve learned is our women are passionate. We are passionate about serving Jesus. Whether in missions, women’s ministry, children’s ministry, worship, prayer, giving, etc. Wherever there’s a need, there’s usually a woman on scene meeting that need. (Can I get an amen from all the Martha’s?)

The Hardest Thing I’ve Learned

I suppose the hardest thing I have learned (again) is that women are still women. Even though we are Christians, we are still sinners in desperate need of God’s grace. We are still people doing the best we can amid life’s circumstances. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we sin, we fail. We make mistakes, we gossip, hold anger and bitterness in our hearts. We appear to have it all together on the outside so no one notices how broken we are on the inside.

At times when I feel alone, I remember God’s word to me; He will never leave me nor forsake me. He is with me always. Though I feel completely inadequate, He makes me adequate. Though I feel too busy managing my own life, family, kids, schedules, service, etc., He reminds me of the call on my life. To serve Him by helping women know they are loved, cherished, adored, sought after, and most of all, their debt is paid. Their sin and shame are remembered no more. My sin and shame are remembered no more.

We're Here to Serve You

I’m privileged to serve alongside a group of amazing and God-fearing women who share the same passion and calling. We’re here to serve you. To pray for you, your families, our international workers and to bring awareness of all God is doing within the Alliance family around the world.

Our team is also busy planning the upcoming women’s retreat where we will experience being “Fearless as we ask for More.” More of God, more love, more grace, more mercy. Would you pray about attending? Would you pray for us as we plan? Invite some friends and come be refreshed in God's word along with your sisters in Christ. Come be a "Mary" and spend some time sitting at the feet of Jesus. 

In His Service,

Breanna Lutolf

GCW Director

For more info about the women’s retreat, visit cpdistrict.org/events.

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