What is a Missions Mobilized Church?

[fa icon="calendar"] December 9, 2015 / by Tim Agnello

global_partnership_conceptThis article was originally written by: David Mays

A mobilized church is one that is maximizing its impact for global outreach and exercising its influence to stimulate other churches to do the same. A mobilized congregation can be recognized by the following factors:

Congregational Involvement

A large proportion of individuals are personally involved in local evangelism and cross-cultural outreach, going on mission trips, giving, and finding creative ways to contribute to global outreach.

Strategic Ministry

The church is supporting strategic international ministries through financial support, prayer support, sending their own people, and staying in communication with the Field for two-way encouragement.


Global evangelism is communicated by a multitude of means to all ages, through all ministries, in ways that develop world Christians starting at all levels of spiritual development.


Congregation members regularly and naturally pray for lost people at home and abroad. They are knowledgeable of and pray for the expansion of the Kingdom, including, for example, the least-reached people groups in our world, missionaries, and for believers in difficult circumstances worldwide.

A Global Ethos

The look, sound, feel, and touch of the church - its leadership, programs, ministry, and decoration convey an integrated awareness of a global church with a global purpose in a global context.

"And this what I’d like to talk about today...my hope is that every one of our churches in our District, will live with a sense of urgency that is healthy!

...a God-given passion to reach the lost…a God-given passion to reach the unreached people groups around the world…bringing the name of Jesus to those who have not yet heard...AND to ask you the same question I ask all our churches…will you (we) be a church that intentionally positions itself to “reach the unreached” in the difficult and dangerous places around the world?"

- David Mays

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