Vulnerability: A Key Component of an Emotionally Healthy Leader

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businessman entering keyholeI always appreciate what Keith Webb has to say - especially since such a large part of the culture of our district has been encouraged by him and his training - that area of coaching. And while I like to keep up on what he writes, there are those times when he is especially pertinent - and this is one of those times as he talks about this issue of vulnerability.

Personally, I wholeheartedly believe this is one of the marks of an emotionally healthy leader; and it's one that many times is missing. And guess what? When it is missing, there are problems in the church or ministry. Vulnerability cannot be missing if you are to be successful over the long haul.

How Vulnerability Makes You A Stronger Leader

Leaders are not perfect. But we like to act like it. We try to hide our weakness and project perfection to those around us, thinking this will instill confidence in us and others. Actually, it’s the opposite. Vulnerability makes you a stronger leader. Here’s how.

While speaking to a small group of ministers in California a dangerous thing happened, an illustration I haven’t used before popped into my mind. I launched into the story. “My wife and I are seeing a marriage counselor, and the amazing thing I learned was…”

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Keith goes on to talk about the 5 ways being vulnerable can strengthen you as a leader and how acknowledging our weaknesses can also strengthen those around us. This involves patience, humility, and sometimes asking for help from people you trust. It's a key component to our emotional health and well-being. When we are emotionally healthy we live a life of wholeness, balance and contentment.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be truly vulnerable?

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