Video Blogs and Other New Ways of Communicating with the CPD Family

[fa icon="calendar"] April 17, 2017 / by Ray Van Gilst

As a new way of communication, we kicked off our video blogs at the Encounter Conference 2017. Our goals are to provide you with more frequency, clarity, and better, more accessible communication resources.

The CPD leadership wants to make sure our message and our identity is clear, and that we’re moving forward with the best momentum and possible way of doing things.

As a starting point, we are setting our vision as healthy pastors and leaders, in thriving churches, for exponential growth. We want your continued input to figure out where we go with that.

Our staff and regional coordinators have all been tasked with listening and listening well. We want to take that listening and we don’t want to just acknowledge it, but we want to do something with it over the coming year as we get ready for Encounter 2018.

If you have any ideas about how to improve our communication with the CPD family, let us know! We want to interact with you in ways that you want to interact with us.

Learn more from Ray in the video blog below.



We would love to be able to share your thoughts with our CPD family. If you write a blog, or do other forms of writing, we'd like to consider utilizing you as a guest blogger. Please contact us if you're interested!

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