Tips to Let Go and Let Others Help in Your Ministry

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"It is so much easier to do things myself than to show someone else how to do it."  "I can't trust anyone else to do things right,” (meaning, like I do) "I don't have anyone qualified to do that." Have you ever said or thought things like that? Or even more, is that the way you approach your ministry regardless of what you say or think – just out of habit? 

We all know we have capable people in our churches that are more than happy to be a part of our ministry – in fact, truth be known, they are just waiting to be asked and appreciate your trust in them when you do. 

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Here are some pointers for including them, trusting them, and equipping them:

Posted by: Keith Webb

I like working. I like making lists, doing the tasks, and checking them off. As my organization grew, I needed to change from doing things myself to managing others to do things. This was a much harder transition than I expected. Here’s what I learned.

I know that the only way to multiply my results is to manage others to do the work. But, strangely, I had a difficult time not doing the work myself. It isn’t that I’m a perfectionist or control freak. I just like working!

I discovered a number of downsides to doing the work myself:

  • I don’t give others the experience they need to become experts in tasks.
  • I demotivate my workers, who interpret my doing as a lack of trust or respect for their capabilities.
  • I appear controlling or micromanaging to others.
  • I become the bottleneck to projects moving forward, because I need to do it.

[Go to the original article to read How to Stop Doing and Start Managing Others]

Just remember this – if you are carrying the key to the paper towel holders on your key ring, you have an issue!

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