The Ring on My Heart

[fa icon="calendar"] June 2, 2017 / by Mike Barnes

gold wedding rings in heart shapeMy wife and I often take our wedding rings off at night and lay them on the dresser where we pick them up the next morning and put them back on. Occasionally, I get distracted in my morning routine and leave home without this representation of my marriage, or more accurately of my wife’s commitment to me, on my hand.

When out during these times, do I act differently towards others or pretend that I am “available?’  Of course not. Do I entertain different thoughts or discuss edgier subjects because the outward symbol of our vows is not visible? I trust it is not so.    

Do others see me differently in these times? Perhaps, but my wife’s and my commitment, and our marriage, remain unaffected by their thoughts. Also, my response to and actions towards others likewise should be unaffected. 

Hopefully, that which is in my heart towards my wife is reflected in my life, irrespective of what jewelry I am wearing or what circumstances I find myself.

Conversely, if my heart and life are not committed to my marriage, the ring, whether worn or not, would be meaningless and my thoughts and actions would be reflective of that condition.

Upon recognizing this, I must now ask:

What does my life reveal about my commitment and relationship with my Savior?

Or more accurately, do I recognize that my thoughts, discussion topics, and actions truly reflect my heart towards this relationship? 

I have no ring on my hand to symbolize His granting of grace in my life. I may add logos to my shirt, carry certain reading material, participate in ordinances, or even say “spiritual” things at certain times, but I must ask myself, does my life in all ways represent that commitment that Christ has made to me and (hopefully) I’ve made to Him?

If I am His bride, one whom He has chosen, should I not be always reflective of this wonderful relationship through love and good works?

Do I speak kindly and often of the lover of my soul, or do I, at best, tentatively include Him in my daily encounters? I love speaking of my wife and her involvement in my life, so why not of Him who has, and will, save me?

I must admit that my daily life does indeed clearly represent my “betrothal” to Him and where it resides in my heart--whatever level that may be. In this, I have learned I must have the grace to allow both failure and growth, along with the strength and hope for continual improvement. 

Fortunately, He is full of grace, mercy, and compassion even though He knows my heart better than I do. And though I have no emblem on my hand, I know He has given me a sign of His commitment to me, for His Spirit has sealed me with a ring on my heart. 

Grace in all things my friends.

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