The Important Roles the Pastor’s Wife Plays in the Church

[fa icon="calendar"] April 27, 2016 / by Edgar Castro

woman_leaning_on_encouragement_cardThe truth about the pastor’s wife’s role is that it doesn’t come with stardom. In fact, pastor’s wives will often attest to the reality of more scrutiny from the church than support. She usually serves unpaid, and though she knows she is worth her pay, she does not ask. In fact, in many churches when the pastor's salary is considered, they often do not think about what she does and just considers her as part of the package.   

Has your church stopped to think about all your pastor’s wife does? After pastoring my own Hispanic church in Sacramento CA, I find the job description of a pastor’s wife to be one of the most important roles in the local church.


Most churches do not understand how often their senior pastor gets discouraged, and how often he wants to quit the ministry. You have the pastor’s wife to thank for encouraging him to stick it out another week! 


Often in church life, the pastor’s wife is the bookkeeper. She is keeping the church on track financially; a responsibility that comes with much burden.  


Often times, the pastor’s wife is in charge of multiple schedules. From the nursery schedule to the cleaning schedule, to most calendars within the church, the buck tends to stop with the pastor’s wife.  


Only heaven really knows the prayers of the pastor’s wife that have kept the church and the pastor covered in the arms of God’s grace. Many times I would find my wife on her knees, with her Bible open, crying out for me and the church and the city in which we were investing our lives. Like Aaron, the pastor’s wife often lifts the heaviest hands. 

Worship Leader

Many time our wife is the one that leads our worship team.

For many pastors’ wives, this is simply the beginning of all they do. I want to encourage board members, leaders, associate pastors, and church members all across the CPD to realize that one of the best ways to honor and encourage the senior pastor is to honor and encourage his wife.

I praise God for my wife and all her understanding and help to the ministry.

I praise the Lord for all the pastors’ wives that work so hard into their ministry.

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