The Importance of Children Being A Part of Our Ministry

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group_of_children_singingSandy and Ted Kang pastor San Jose Christian Alliance, and in the midst of pastoring a large multi-congregational church, manage to do a very good job of staying balanced in caring for and discipling their children. Sandy's blog article shows the importance of our children being part of our ministry, not just part of the children's ministry of the church we pastor. God is doing a lot in San Jose, like I imagine He is doing in your community and church. Help your kids be an intentional part of that.

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The Power of Our Testimony

“That is so cool! Can you tell us the story again?” My four children kept repeating these words. I may have retold “the story” more than a dozen times within one hour.

At the beginning of this year, I entered a 40-day fast with a specific breakthrough prayer for a “Jericho wall” to collapse. Forty days passed with amazing personal spiritual renewal but complete silence in seeing this barrier broken.

When day 40 came, I was greatly disappointed in God’s silence. My mind was filled with so many questions and doubts, until my husband handed me a letter from the U.S. Homeland Security approving a two-year blocked visa for our new youth pastor’s wife. Our Jericho wall fell. On the very last day of the fast, God broke through the silence and all my doubts. I cried tears of awe and wonder of our amazing God.

Prayer and Fasting

The next couple of days I retold this miracle story to different groups of people. My children had never seen me speak of God with such wonder. They persistently kept close to hear the story again and again.

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Sandy Kang

Sandy with her husband Ted have been ministering at the San Jose Christian Alliance Church since 2002. She has been blessed to give birth to four children as well as a preschool. She is dedicated to raising our next generation to be set apart as movers and shakers of God's kingdom. During her free time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with the family and enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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