The Christlike Creed: What a Disciple Looks Like

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The Christlike Creed


Phil Rehberg of Risen King handed me something at Encounter called "The Christlike Creed - what a disciple looks like."

I found it to be a helpful one page resource that you may also find helpful for those who would appreciate something to meditate on or pray through. He has made the link available on his blog, Meat for Maturity, to access for anyone who wants.

Posted by: phil rehberg

The Christlike Creed

When the church wanted to clarify its doctrines in the early centuries it developed the Apostle’s Creed. It would also be helpful to have a creed that summarizes the practice of the faith. That is why I wrote the Christlike Creed. It contains 9 stanzas of 3 lines each and summarizes the important attitudes and practices of the Christian life, including identity and destiny. It describes what a Christlike person looks like. In other words, it describes spiritual growth and discipleship.

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I am a forgiven and loved child of God.
I have been reborn in the image of Christ.
I have the Spirit of God dwelling in me.

I am a member of God’s family, and
I am committed to the well-being of this family and using my spiritual gifts.
My destiny is the community of love with God and His people.

I need the Father’s Spirit and grace to follow Jesus.
I need the support of God’s family in order to grow.
I need to pray and absorb scripture to become like Christ.

I commit to loving God with my whole self.
I commit to setting my mind and heart on things above.
I commit to trusting the bible

I commit to growing up into full Christlikeness.
I commit to acknowledging and turning away from my sins.
I commit to accepting God’s forgiveness for my sins.

I commit to surrendering to God’s will in all things.
I commit to pursuing honesty, humility, and holiness.
I commit to trusting Jesus even when things seem dark.

I commit to being a channel of God’s kingdom coming to earth.
I commit to walking in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.
I commit to blessing those in my care.

I commit to loving and forgiving all people, including enemies.
I commit to speaking words of encouragement and blessing.
I commit to building godly friendships.

I look forward to seeing Jesus and the Father in the new creation
And being completely Christformed
And united in love with God and His people.

By Phil Rehberg


Click here for a video reading of the Apostle’s Creed.

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