Fired-Up Afresh by President John Stumbo's Latest Video

[fa icon="calendar"] September 18, 2019 / by Tim Agnello

When a song is super good, it's always worth re-singing, and I have been fired-up afresh by President John Stumbo's latest video blog.

I'm not sure how many of our family members in the CPD actually get his video blog, so I'm sending it out for all of our CPD family to enjoy. As you already know, my heart beats for the folks around planet earth that have little or no access to the Gospel. I know this is the heartbeat of the Alliance as well.

So please join me in re-singing the song of bringing the name of Jesus to those who have never heard. It's both a pleasure and a privilege to be teamed with you for the glory of God and the reaching of the nations!

Tim Agnello

Watch Alliance President John Stumbo's Video blog from Sept 12, 2019. Enjoy!


A first this month for John’s video blog series. “We asked our newest videographer to compile my first six years of videos into a ‘highlights’ blog,” he says. “She did a great job capturing my heart and message—I trust you’ll be inspired!”

"It's not just my turn" — a look back John Stumbo Vlog 74 from The Alliance on Vimeo.

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