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man reading on laptopWe come across great articles and insights from writers, leaders, pastors and others sharing their passions and perspectives on topics of faith, discipleship, spiritual growth, and much more. Some articles we share regularly on our blog, and many others speak to us in one way or another. Whether it’s a current event, hot topic in the district, or something that relates to a personal season of life, we’d like to share the articles below with you that came across our inboxes during the last few months or so. 

Simpson University Offers Legacy Alliance Scholarship for C&MA Students

Posted by: Simpson University News

REDDING, Calif.—Focusing on the church families within its denominational tradition, Simpson University is offering a Legacy Alliance Scholarship up to $18,000 to help Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA) young people afford a private four-year Christian education.

The scholarship is available to eligible C&MA students who have an endorsement letter from their C&MA pastor or youth pastor.

The Legacy Alliance Scholarship will be an award of up to $60,000 over four years (up to $15,000 per year). A student can receive an additional amount up to $12,000 ($3,000 per year) with the Simpson University Matching Award when a family member, business or church sponsor commits to providing yearly funds toward the student’s education at Simpson. With a sponsor commitment, the total scholarship could be up to $21,000 a year.

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Are You Open to God's Will?

Posted by: Phil Rehberg

When it comes to pursuing God’s will it is important to ask ourselves if we are truly open to knowing God’s will. Once we decide to consider God’s will we may still close our minds to knowing his will because of what we suspect it will be. Are we really open to whatever he may desire? Are we really open to changing our thoughts or plans? We may convince ourselves that we are pursuing his will when in fact we are only rationalizing our own attitudes or actions.

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CM Connect: From the Heart of the VP

By: Rev. Terry Smith, Vice President for Church Ministries

Posted by:

As I write this, I am attending the Korean District Conference. I preached Monday evening on the topic “Jesus: No Other Name,” from Acts 4:12. It was a message I prepared fresh for this occasion. (Yes, itinerant preachers really do prepare new messages.) The process reminded me that sermon preparation is both hard and wonderful work.

It is difficult to study a Scripture passage, seek to understand it, and decide how to communicate it effectively and compellingly. Personally, I write out a manuscript, which is tedious work that takes a significant amount of time. It’s also time consuming to review the message two or three times before preaching it.

At the same time, this whole process is wonderful work. Whenever I prepare a message, I can sense the miraculous, creative work of God’s Spirit. Usually, somewhere in the process of preparing a message I say to myself, “This is a mess. It makes no sense. I can’t preach this.” On rare occasions, I’m correct in that assessment and need to hit delete and start over. This happened with the message I preached at InterChange last November, when the Holy Spirit downloaded something different than what I had started with.

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Alliance Redwoods Environmental Science Scholarship Fund

Since 1946 Alliance Redwoods has been about changing the lives of low-income children, foster youth, and at-risk youth through hands-on science education consistent with grade appropriate common core standards in a spectacular outdoor setting under the towering coastal redwoods. We promote both personal growth and significant academic gain in natural science by providing an E.P.I.C. (Experiential, Participatory, Immersion, and Connected environment to achieve transformational results.

The Woodland Unified School District has instructed the 11 schools in their district to stick to two camps: Alliance Redwoods or Sly Park. This means that each year, schools have a choice between just these two camps. This is a Sacramento, CA area school district saying that Alliance Redwoods is one of their two camps! This is amazing news.

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The Beauty of Holiness

Posted by: Meat for Maturity - Phil Rehberg

The directive to actively pursue purification is one of the most prevalent themes in the New Testament. We can think of pursuing holiness as wiping the mud out of our eyes so we can see God clearly. It is the restoration of our original Adamic image of God which includes freedom from the dirt and grime that robbed us of the vital and peaceful Spiritual life that God desires for us. Holiness becomes increasingly sweeter as we mature because we feel more of the peace and joy that comes with participating in the nature of God. As we grow in holiness we will feel ourselves becoming more at one with our bridegroom. We experience a foretaste of our future marital bliss. So we pursue holiness out of love.

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