Preparing for Encounter 2020 with Dr. John Stumbo [Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] January 15, 2020 / by Ray Van Gilst

As we look forward to Encounter 2020 in Hawaii, we are again reminded of what a special time it is when the leaders of the Central Pacific District come together. We are excited to have President of the US Alliance, Dr. John Stumbo, as our main speaker. Enjoy the video below with a sneak peek of what Encounter 2020 has in store!


Hello, Leaders of the Central Pacific District.

You're receiving this video because you've signed up to go to the Encounter conference in Hawaii in February. I'm sending you this video because I get to be there and I've been asked to foreshadow some of what to expect when we all arrive.

First of all, this is fantastic! I love it when the Alliance family gathers and I'm honored to get to be part of it. I know that Encounter has a good recent history of being a very spiritually dynamic and soul enriching kind of few day and experience and I pray that this will be one more experience of that nature that our hearts will be enlarged and our vision will be increased and our relationships will be deepened and it'll just be a rich time together.

The theme of this year's conference is 'Season of Change, a Discipleship Opportunity.' For a wide variety of reasons, I think you know that we're in seasons of change in the Christian Missionary Alliance and in your district. I want us to see those as an opportunity for the loving God of this universe to further shape our own souls. I know that some of us resist change, some of us hate change, some of us embrace change, some of us just go right through change. Whatever your personal response, I want us to dive in to Hebrews 10 through 13, passages of scripture that I've been soaking in lately and see how God will use those passages to help us have a rich perspective on what opportunities that change can bring in our lives and how God can use those.

I will also be introducing this change conversation. I'm on the road all across the nation this year, having these regional conversations on possible changes to our policy and our statement of faith, and I know that causes some concern with some. There's angst that arise or nervousness that arise, we're going to talk about aspects of women in ministry, aspects about our statement of faith and therefore there's fear of if will there be animosity, will there be some unhealthy emotion. Can I just foreshadow by saying I'm very excited about having healthy conversation on areas of known disagreement and using polling and using some discussion questions, which I'm finding already to be engaging and enjoyable and enlightening rather than contentious and divisive.

So, I really believe that the Alliance family can have hard conversations in a healthy manner. So I'm looking forward to that and I believe that that will happen as we're together. Interesting to me that all of these different aspects of change, it's change in the district leadership, change in some national issues, maybe change in your own world and life situations that they're all converging at this moment, at this conference.

Could we trust God together to have a genuine encounter with the Holy Spirit, to truly encounter what it is to be loved by a father, to be cherished by him, and to be together moving forward as a body of Christ? I believe that's possible, and I believe that's what we'll experience as we gather together. So, we'll see you soon.

See you for ENCOUNTER - February 24-26, 2020.
Luau kick off at the KROC Center in Ewa Beach, Hawaii! 

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