CPD Blessings during COVID-19 [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] April 16, 2020 / by Mike Mitchum posted in CPD Member Highlights, Video Blogs, News

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I have been blessed by the response of our pastors to my call to share a ONE MINUTE video of an unexpected blessing during this challenging time of ministry. This video is a compilation video including six of our district leaders. I encourage you to take six minutes to watch it. I’m positive it will be a blessing to you!

I would like to keep this going! Please send me a video of an unexpected blessing that you have experienced to our Dropbox folder by clicking here.

I will keep compiling and sharing them with our CPD family.

Hoping you too are being blessed in this challenging time,


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Testimonies from our Hispanic Churches during COVID-19

[fa icon="calendar'] April 16, 2020 / by Edgar Castro posted in CPD Member Highlights, News

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Greetings to the Central Pacific District family!

Today, I want to share with you that we have been praying for all the churches. Not only CMA churches but the churches from all denominations that are seeking more of the presence of God during these times we are living.

This pandemic has caused the temporary closure of the buildings where our CPD Hispanic churches congregate, along with other churches around the world. Nevertheless, the church of our God has never closed, nor will it close.

Why do I say this?

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Easter Week Message from your DS [Video]

[fa icon="calendar'] April 6, 2020 / by Wayne Spriggs posted in Video Blogs, News

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This Easter Week message from your Central Pacific District Superintendent comes during a time when marathon like activities are needed: Preparation, Pruning and Pacing. Wayne shares a word of encouragement to run the race before us by pacing yourselves and following the example of Christ.

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Encouragement and Updates from your DS on the Coronavirus and CARES Act

[fa icon="calendar'] March 30, 2020 / by Wayne Spriggs posted in Video Blogs, News

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Message from your Central Pacific District Superintendent, Wayne Spriggs, sharing a word of encouragement, tips for self-care and ideas regarding church finances during this time.
Watch the video above.

I'm sure that you have heard that the CARES Act was passed and signed into law by the President. Here's what we have gleaned that pertains to religious nonprofits:

CARES Act Details:

    • Sends direct checks to individual Americans up to $1,200
    • Provides grants and loans to churches to meet payroll and pay rent
    • Provides liability protection for providers who volunteer (Good Samaritans)
    • Allows HSA to be used to purchase over-the-counter medications
    • Extends expiring health extenders to November
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Ideas and Resources to Stay Connected during the Stay at Home Season

[fa icon="calendar'] March 20, 2020 / by Wayne Spriggs posted in News

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ATTENTION Pastors, Church Leaders and Staff and Members:

During this time that we need to be practicing social distancing, how can we creatively be connecting with each other and our church members as well as reaching out the to community around us. 

Knowing community is where the best ideas and resources come from, we created this page as a place for you to post helpful information so the CPD community can all benefit.

Please share in the comment section below:

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Pray, Prepare and Plan: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

[fa icon="calendar'] March 12, 2020 / by Wayne Spriggs posted in News

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As communities around the world are taking precautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), this letter is written to assist you in preparing a response to the outbreak in your own churches and communities.

Currently, we are not aware of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 either in any of our district churches or on the campus of Simpson University.  Some of you may be facing the potential of government officials in your community requesting restrictions on public gatherings. These may affect the ministries of your church.

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Upper Room Manifesto: Culture of Prayer [Part 12]

[fa icon="calendar'] February 24, 2020 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in Culture of Prayer

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This Upper Room Manifesto was written by leaders of the College of Prayer International. It appears on their website collegeofprayer.org. It has been signed by tens of thousands of pastors and denominational leaders all over the world who literally have responsibility for hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide. You have permission to copy this Upper Room Manifesto; we simply ask that you acknowledge its source.
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Five Upper Room Elements: Culture of Prayer [Part 11]

[fa icon="calendar'] February 18, 2020 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in Culture of Prayer

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Just as every room has five key elements—a doorway, an atmosphere,  walls,  floorboards, and a ceiling—these same five elements are useful in describing the upper room.

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Let Me Introduce You to Theo: Culture of Prayer [Part 10]

[fa icon="calendar'] February 10, 2020 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in Culture of Prayer

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Theo Burakeye is one of my heroes. He is a church planter who lives in South Africa, and one of the most extraordinary leaders I have ever met. When I was introduced to him, I was told that in the past fifteen years Theo and his colleagues have planted more than 79,000 churches in thirty-two different African nations.

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Harvesting: Culture of Prayer [Part 9]

[fa icon="calendar'] February 3, 2020 / by Ray Van Gilst posted in Culture of Prayer

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 “The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history.”
-Andrew Murray

“You can’t get a thousand-dollar answer for a ten-cent prayer.”
-Armin Gesswein

Have you ever seen three thousand people choose to publicly follow Christ and get baptized at one time? Better question: Would you like to witness that?

What happened on that particular day of Pentecost when God poured out His conspicuous presence on the upper-room seekers in Jerusalem was only the beginning as His followers began ministering to Him. God no sooner had manifested His tangible presence to the believers inside the upper room when a crowd gathered to see what was happening. Devout Jews who had flooded Jerusalem from all over the Mediterranean had literally came from the north, south, east, and west.

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