Our CPD Family Continues to Thrive

[fa icon="calendar"] August 18, 2020 / by Mike Mitchum

I am happy to highlight two of our recent workers in my blog this month. Paige Reddick Morris was ordained the Sunday after Encounter in Hawaii this year. Hou Lei was ordained on June 27th complete with the proper COVID protections.

I asked each of them to share a short biography so we all could get to know them better. So proud of the accomplishments of these members of the CPD family!

Mike Mitchum

Congratulations to Paige Reddick Morris

Paige Morris-Ordination2020


When God called me into ministry in 2012, my husband and I stepped out in faith with no church family to support us.  In 2017, I found myself nearly finished with my ThM from Fuller Theological Seminary, months away from starting my Chaplain Residency at the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, and still with no church family to call home.

Then through a providential series of events linked to a shared passion for music, God connected me with Pastor Kevin Gould, a Welshman and interim C&MA Pastor in Naples, Florida who had written many songs for the Billy Graham crusades. Pastor Gould connected me to Chaplain Bob Collins who happened to be coming to Hawaii to support our Military Chaplains the same week I was moving Honolulu. (Due to his commitment to working in the special needs shelter during and after Hurricane Irma my husband could not join me until months later).

Chaplain Bob and his wife Denise swept me up (along with my amazing Mom who accompanied me and has been a tremendous support), shepherded me and introduced me first to President John and Joanna Stumbo who were in Hawaii speaking at our eight C&MA Churches, and then to Police Chaplain and C&MA Pastor Andy Kikuta who offered to mentor me through my consecration process.

My 'yes' turned into 2.5 beautiful years of me and my family being embraced and loved by the most incredible group of Christian brothers and sisters in Hawaii, Texas, California and Colorado who nurtured my journey towards consecration and whom continue to be incredibly instrumental in my work for the Lord.  I now serve as a Chaplain in Honolulu and my family and I are very happy members of the Hawaii Kai Community Church.

My heart gives special thanks to Ray Van Gilst and Mike Mitchum who kept me in the CPD fold from 3000 miles away. My consecration day itself was glorious.  I could not have felt more loved and sent. 

Paige Reddick Morris


Congratulations to Hou Lei

Hou Lei-Ordination2020


Hi, my name is Hou Lei. My last name is Hou and given name is Lei. But I am used to everyone calling me by my last name first and first name last, Hou Lei, because this is the customary way of addressing people among the Chinese.

I received Christ as Savior at 12 with my whole family. With the support of my parents who were serving as Gospel workers, I went to a Bible college. Upon graduating in May of 2000, I have been serving full time in the Chinese house churches, pastoring and teaching in my home church, at the Bible college and a missions agency.

The Lord guided us to come to the United States in 2016, studying and graduating from Chinese Witness Theological Seminary in 2018. I served at the San Jose Christian Alliance Church as an intern during that time. My wife Kuan served full time as a ministry worker alongside me in China. We have a son, Andrew, and a daughter, Ella.

I have been serving full time at SJCAC since June of 2018, participating in pastoring, teaching, worship, and college student outreach ministries. Beginning in July of 2019, I have taken part in the project of planting a Mandarin Chinese church in the Northern San Jose area. The wish of our planting team is to reach out to the singles and young families among Chinese immigrant communities, building up Christ followers among them.

Hou Lei


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