Missions: Vision Trip Update from The Rising

[fa icon="calendar"] December 11, 2017 / by Josh Blair

I'm excited for you to read the article below written by Josh Blair, Lead Pastor of The Rising in Utah. The CPD is fast becoming a major kingdom-advancing force in many parts of the world. As you read thru this story, be listening for the voice of Jesus saying, "GO!" And if you think it's time for you to see what The Alliance is doing around the world - give me a jingle! Because, as always, I am here to help you GO GLOBAL!

To the ends of the earth,

Tim Agnello


Ann and I had the wonderful privilege of going on a Vision Trip to Cambodia and Jordan with the Central Pacific District in October/November. As a growing church, we are actively seeking God’s will as to how and where to partner missionally. We wanted to see our District Initiatives first hand. We’ve already partnered with Mexicali and are looking to establish a second partnership.


Being able to touch, see and interact with the field with “boots on the ground” was incredibly insightful and impacting. There is no way to experience all that is happening in any other mode. Update e-mails, blogs, newsletters and even the high-quality videos that come from the field are just the tip of the iceberg. A visit is the remaining portion that isn’t visible from the surface. There is no substitute for face to face interaction in the establishment of relationship and partnership.


We were proud to see how the Alliance is at the forefront of ministry in both nations and how unity is a prevailing theme amongst the workers there. The Kingdom is growing as a result of their prayers, work, sweat, tears and sacrifice! If you are looking to develop a strategic and intentional partnership with fields where there is exciting Kingdom work happening every day, go on a Vision Trip, come back changed and pray God’s will in developing a partnership.


Contact Tim Agnello at tim@cpdistrict.org if you’d like more information about a Vision Trip. He’d be happy to facilitate an exploratory trip for you!


Josh Blair
Lead Pastor of The Rising in Utah


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