Missions: Vision Trip Update from Christian Family Tabernacle

[fa icon="calendar"] December 19, 2017 / by Augustine DeGuzman

Here's another Vision Trip snapshot! This one is from Augustine & Geraldine DeGuzman, lead pastor of Christian Family Tabernacle, our Filipino Church in Sacramento. I had the privilege of having them along with me in Europe recently. Wow, what a dynamic couple! I'm sure you'll enjoy the creativity they put in communicating their experience.

To the ends of the earth,

Tim Agnello

 Augustine_Geraldine DeGuzman-France2017

A few words or paragraph is not enough to say everything that we’ve seen on our recent Vision Trip to Europe, but we’ve tried to sum it up in one word - “
DIASPORA”.  As you may know, the diaspora are people around the world that have been dispersed from their homeland for one reason or another. There are now at least 50 million Muslims living in Europe. What a great opportunity we have, as The Alliance, to impact the lives of these displaced people!


D - Displaced

We saw the influx of displaced refugees from many Muslim countries around the globe who are arriving in numbers like never before. 


I - Inspiring

We were inspired by what the Lord is doing thru our Alliance International Workers (IWs), who are intentional with their efforts in reaching the lost.


A - Awareness/Awakening 

The Vision Trip opened our eyes to see what is going on in the rest of the world - raising our awareness to see over our own backyard fence.


S - Seekers/ Souls

We realized the souls that are seeking answers, whether they know it or not, are not only among the refugees but also among native Europeans. We were surprised to find that many of the countries in Europe are less than 1% Christian.


P - Political Climate Changes

The political changes that are happening presented to us a great opportunity to share the gospel to the Muslim populations who have had little or no access to hear God's word.


O - Overwhelming

We saw the magnitude of work that still needs to be done, “...for the harvest is great, but the laborers are few.”


A - Action

We are encouraging our congregation to be a part of what God is doing by acting now, thru prayer support and giving to the Great Commission Fund (GCF).


For His service,

Augustine & Geraldine DeGuzman


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