Missions Vision Trip:  Expanding the Reach of our Hispanic Churches

[fa icon="calendar"] January 6, 2020 / by Edgar Castro

Team in Cuba

In November, a group of Hispanic pastors and leaders of the CPD, guided by Tim Agnello, made a visionary trip to the Island of Cuba.

We arrived in the province of Camaguey. Then, we visited several provinces in central Cuba. We had the pleasure of sharing time with the new President of Alliance Cuba, Liusbel Utrera. We were surprised by the love and desire the church in Cuba has to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

On the island, there are no evangelical church buildings, only Catholic. So our Alliance people can only meet in house-churches. These house-churches are also the homes of the pastors that have been adapted into churches. Some pastors have to sleep on the floor because there is limited space for them. It was amazing to see the humble dedication of these families. It is a Cuban law that dictates that the church must be carried out on a residential/house property.

Also, we were blessed to be able to attend the pastor’s retreat where about 80 pastors joined (attending the retreat was one of surprises we made to our trip itinerary, as it had not been planned originally). In this retreat, I had the opportunity to minister and pray for all the pastors with whom the whole CPD team made a beautiful connection.

In addition to the pastors having limited living space, their monthly salary is the equivalent to about $20 US dollars per month. This is not enough to make ends meet and it is very difficult for the family when the pastors need to travel for training. The nearest training facility is in the capital city of Havana, which is a 15-hour trip one-way! So, spending this kind of time and money getting there makes things even harder on the family!

During our last day in Cuba, our International Workers (IWs) gave us a presentation on a project to build a seminary for leaders and pastors, so they no longer have to travel to Havana for 15 hours to receive training.

I was thrilled to see how our Hispanic pastors and leaders of the CPD got engaged and said yes to this $150K, 5-year project. 

The CPD Hispanic Churches are very small in number but abundant in faith and unity. We trust in our Lord Jesus Christ that if we all live the call together, then it will be possible to carry out this project in Cuba. We would LOVE for other CPD churches to partner with us to achieve this goal. We are better together, so contact Edgar or Tim to get your church connected!

I want to share the email that I received from the President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Cuba after our trip to the Island:

Dear Brother Edgar,

How was your return, and how is the family? Here we are doing good, thanks to our God… How good it was to have all of you with us. For me, you were a blessing, and I pray to the Lord that we can meet again. You do not know how much God used you to encourage me; I pray for you, your family, and your ministry. We send greetings to all of you in the CPD!

Edgar in Cuba


walking on the street in Cuba

Team on the Bus in Cuba

We are encouraging all our churches to come and see our work around the world and discover how they can become involved.  Vision Trips are for leaders in your church who have decision-making power (pastors, missions leaders, etc).  The idea is that you will bring a team to see the work and return to get your church engaged.  If you would like more info about these trips, please don’t hesitate to contact Tim at tim@cpdistrict.org.

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