Missions Update: Summer 2019

[fa icon="calendar"] June 25, 2019 / by Tim Agnello

Buddhist Temple-Missions Trip

Buddhist monks chanting in the temple in front of a Buddha statue

God is moving in a Southeast Asian Creative Access Country (CAC)

Our ministry efforts are growing and God is giving us favor in this very difficult, restricted, predominantly Buddhist and Animistic country! Our Alliance workers, in partnership with indigenous leaders, are rescuing girls from human trafficking and exploitation and have made safe houses for them with full counseling, care and presenting the Gospel. Many are coming to Christ!!

We have also created a beauty shop business where they are trained to have meaningful jobs that keeps them off the streets and into a good Christian environment. We also started a jewelry business where they make jewelry to sell to tourists, locals and some jewelry is even being shipped and sold overseas – God is blessing us richly!!

We also have a thriving coffee shop business that employs both Christian and non-Christians as a way to evangelize the young folks in the city who are mostly Buddhist, but are impressed by the servant-heartedness of our managers – causing some to come to faith!

We also started a farm ministry and now have access to 22 farming families throughout the country. Folks are coming to Christ, coming to our farm and being baptized in the river. I cannot adequately express to you just how overwhelming and miraculous this fresh wind of Holy Spirit movement really is – it’s astounding – God is at work!!


One of the girls we brought out of the brothels and into our safe house, has become a very dynamic follower of Christ! She brought one of our outreach teams with her to the village she came from (way up on the northern border) and told the people her story of being rescued by the Christians and by God Himself – and 18 people came to Christ!!

The even more overwhelming piece of this story is this village is part of an unreached people group which has had little or no access to the Gospel until this point!

Spilling into a Neighboring Country...

We have chosen a special task force from this CAC country to cross the border and begin a brand new work. Why? We have discovered many totally unreached villages where there is currently no Gospel presence. What a thrilling thing to discover – the fresh opportunity to bring the name of Jesus where it has NEVER been heard! Stay tuned for what God does next!!!


We are excited to share with you a video we are creating from our time in Southeast Asia this summer. We will let you know when it is completed, so you can share it with your family, friends and congregations. Please continue to pray and support the Lord's work being done in these beautiful nations!

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