Missions Update: Sending Out The Chapman Family [Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] November 12, 2020 / by Karla Tovar


It is a pleasure and a privilege to introduce the Chapman Family.  They are our CPD International Workers with CAMA Services, the relief and development arm of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. They will be serving in Guinea, West Africa, with the Guinea Agro-Pastoral (GAP) Project.

“Their vision is to see rural Guinea farmers trained so that they can be more productive farmers who are able to use local resources to help themselves and their communities. In addition to becoming more productive farmers, they can also have opportunities to meet Jesus Christ -- the one who can give TRUE fullness of life and peace!”

Isn’t that encouraging to read? CPD family, I encourage to love, support, and pray for Timothy, Jessica, Elliot, and the new baby! They are one of us fulfilling the Great Commission.

Enjoy the Chapman Family's video as they seek prayer and financial support for their adventure. 

Join their Support Team

Timothy and Jessica Chapman
4308 Ulysses Drive
Sacramento, CA 95864

Email Timothy by clicking here.
Email Jessica by clicking here.

Follow their 'African Wanderings' by joining their Facebook Group. 

They are building our team of prayer partners and monthly financial supporters!

Video Transcription:

Greetings CPD family. Being relatively new to the Alliance, we wanted to take this time to introduce ourselves. I'm Timothy. I'm Jessica. This is Elliot. And this is baby.

And we're the Chapmans!

We live in Sacramento, California, and we are members of Gateway Fellowship Church. Timothy works for the University of California at Davis in our honeybee research lab and Jessica works as a pediatric nurse for Center Health.

Long-term missions has been on our hearts for a lot of years. In fact, Jessica and Timothy met while they were both serving two year missions assignments in central African countries. Our journey to missions started a long time before that though. Jessica grew up in Missouri where her parents loved missions. And Timothy grew up as a missionary kid in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Over the years, the Lord has invested in our lives really unique skills in agriculture, nursing, and community development. We have longed to use those skills and gifts as a way to serve in missions by serving national church leaders, by serving the rural poor, and also as using them as a platform to introduce the gospel message.

When we began to seek the Lord and see where he might use us as a couple to continue to build his kingdom, CAMA Services and the work of the Alliance in Guinea was brought to our attention. CAMA Services is the relief and development branch of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Our giftings fit perfectly with the work that CAMA Services is doing in Guinea.

Once we're there, we will be working with rural poor, most of them are farmers, in improving food security as well as to see communities transformed through the power of the Gospel.

In February, we were appointed as Alliance international workers with CAMA services to serve in Guinea. With the physical and spiritual needs of Guineans placed on our hearts by Jesus, in just a little under a year we will be sent out as your Alliance IWs from the CPD.

Beginning in May, we're going to start the transition from the United States onto the mission field. In between now and then, we're going to be connecting with the CPD family, churches, as well as individuals, virtually or in person, depending on what COVID does. And we're going to be sharing what God is doing in Guinea and our lives, as well as to invite you to join with us through prayer and through giving. We're excited to share as well as to connect with many of you.

Blessings, and we hope to speak to you soon.


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