Missions Update: Sending our IW team to Taiwan

[fa icon="calendar"] December 11, 2020 / by Karla Tovar

Jason-AndiThe Central Pacific District is proud to announce that Jason and Andi are transitioning to serve in the Taiwan field. We commissioned them at Encounter in Hawaii, early in 2020, and now they will be in Taiwan in January 2021!

The CPD will continue to pray, support, and care for them no matter where they are; as Jason and Andi wrote, “Our Lord has gathered His armies from four corners of the earth to fight for the end.” They are confident that the Lord is their provider and their CPD family will continue to support them.

Their Prayer Letter and Prayer Requests are posted on the main CMAlliance.com website. Here is a part of their letter below: 

Prayer Letter

We are in transition to go to Taiwan Field. Even the stricter entry restriction per coronavirus pandemic cannot unset God's plan.

In the quite turbulent year, God has led us through big changes with peace and inexpressible joy. Such as selling house and transfer business, children apply and choose college, our commissioning, all moved on God's heart and time.

Just before leaving, we meet many old friends to say goodbye and listened to their faith stories again. God reveals to us that the indescribable gifts will be multiplied to unlimited thanksgiving of the found lost ones to our Lord. We will start with Southern Taiwan, Yunlin the rural area with least church to know the mission strategy in Taiwan for the first year, then seek Lord's direction for new assignment such as new site and ministry.

Thanks for all your love and generous gifts. Your supports not only encourage us but also reward all of us with trust and glorious, inexpressible joy on the coming harvest in Taiwan field and the whole world.

Jason & Andi

Read more and learn how to support them by clicking here>>

They are a committed, loving, and extraordinary couple, and they are more than ready to lovely and faithfully serve to the ends of the earth!

I thank God for their obedience and faithfulness to serve the Lord. How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!" Romans 10:15.

If you are interested in supporting this team or sharing a copy of their Prayer Card, you can view it here.

I encourage you and your church to connect with them, so you be part of God’s wonderful life-changing stories in the future. Take the time to connect and partner with them!


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