Missions Update: Media Ministry in Cambodia

[fa icon="calendar"] May 26, 2020 / by Tim Agnello

Cambodia Digital Ministry

I'm super excited to be sharing with you this update from my friend Catie who serves in Cambodia! Be encouraged - God is doing great things through our Alliance workers all around the world. Happy reading...


God is Preparing My Ministry 

Last year we started dreaming up me partnering with the national C&MA church (KEC) to help them start a media ministry. We envisioned monthly videos on the work of the church. We envisioned a team of people I would train from all the regions to shoot and edit videos. We envisioned monthly testimonies from believers on ways they've seen God transform their lives and call them to Himself. We envisioned training materials to be shared through social media platforms in ways that would reach the national church and as a form of witness and evangelism to those who do not yet know the gospel. I've been meeting weekly with a core team in Phnom Penh and training them to run the media team. We've been discussing God's heart to communicate, our mandate to seek the lost and disciple the Church. We discuss the best ways to reach our Cambodian audience. We think the mechanics and foundational principals of using light and text and audio for communication our messages. 

All of a sudden, churches were closed and we began weekly recording sermons preached by some of our most respected church leaders, while also setting up an internet presence. Our videos started with a hundred views and soon snowballed in to over a thousand in just weeks. A video we shot on COVID from a missionary doctor talking about facts, prevention and the role we have as Christians during this time quickly spiked to over 10K views! We are training the Cambodian church--as well as the unchurched community-- on how to use Zoom, host video chats via Messenger, how to use YouTube and how to share videos on Facebook. 

God had been preparing us all along for the ministry we would be doing and had been putting all the pieces in place as we sought His guidance and wisdom in starting up a media team and seeking ways to better connect the national church together using technology.

  • Pray for God to use this video ministry to call many to Christ.
  • Pray for many to step out and want to share testimonies with us.
  • Pray for many to invite their neighbors and families to start house churches and disciple one another.
  • Pray for the church to grow in these days where our Church building are closed.   

In closing, I will leave you with this quote from Robert Jaffray's address given in the Great Depression:

Do you ask, "In view of the terrible economic depression of today dare we go forward in these new fields and commence new work?" Yea, rather may we ask this: "Dare we in the face of the command of the Lord Jesus and in the face of the encouraging miracles He is working on our behalf, hesitate for one moment?"


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