Missions Update: Guarajio Ministry Praises from Mexico

[fa icon="calendar"] November 13, 2019 / by Tim Agnello

WOW, so excited to be giving you this latest update about our Guarajio Initiative in Mexico. As you know, we have been partnering with Alliance Mexico to engage this unreached people group.

Please read the update below from Tomas Bencomo, President of Alliance Mexico, and celebrate the miracles God is performing both physically and spiritually. How wonderful to be ON MISSION with Him as He is touching the hearts of this unreached tribe!

And please keep our Alliance Mexico team in your prayers!!

To the ends of the earth,

Tim Agnello

TomasBencomo-Guarajio Girl

It has been a year since last November when God opened a door to the Guarajio ethnic group in a miraculous way. Having been able to have contact with them was a true miracle of God in the eyes of those who made the first trip. During this time they asked us to help with food for the needy, which we have been doing with pleasure! To read more about our first trip, click here.

After giving food to the needy, they told us about the need of a widowed woman in a town that had no home for her or her children. We saw how to help with this need, and we saw it as an opportunity for God to do something. Thanks to God and all of you, this July, we were able to deliver the house to the widowed woman and her children. Although the house is not finished yet, they already have a roof, and in a few more days we will be carrying more material to finish what is missing from the house.

Tomas Bencomo-Guarajio girl-handsDuring our first trip, on one of the visits to deliver food, we met a young girl with very advanced arthritis in her hands. We realized that her family did not have the money to take her to the doctor for the necessary exams. I dared to ask her parents to let me take her with me to Ciudad Juarez to have her checked by a specialist. They agreed that we could take her and she is now in Ciudad Juarez being treated by a doctor seeing positive results in her illness.

But the most exciting thing is that she has accepted Jesus as her personal savior! This fills us with joy because now we can say that she is the first Christian in her ethnicity. In a few days I will take her back to her family, hoping that God will continue doing the work in her and her family.

Surely God will continue to guide us to take new steps and continue having contact with the Guarajio tribe, to be the ambassadors of HIS son (Jesus Christ) to these unreached people.  I ask you to continue praying for us to be able to do God’s will:

  1. May God keep us from the dangers of the road.
  2. God use us to share the good news with simplicity.
  3. God supplies the human resources we need.
  4. God supplies us with the financial resources to meet the expenses of each trip.
  5. Be able to have adequate transportation for the difficult land where we travel.

I thank God for you who have been an answer to our prayers of reaching the unreached.

Greetings to all the brothers and sisters who support us in prayer and with financial resources.

Tomas Bencomo
President of Alliance Mexico


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