Missions Update: A 20-Year Dream of Reaching the Guarajio Tribe Comes True

[fa icon="calendar"] January 22, 2019 / by Tim Agnello

I'm so thrilled to be sharing this very first report from Alliance Mexico about the progress we are making with the Guarajios tribe, deep in the mountains of Mexico. As many of you know, God has given us a wonderful opportunity to go after this unengaged, unreached people group by partnering with our extended Alliance family in Mexico - what a privilege it is, to be teamed for such a thing as this!

Thanks to your generous support and partnership from the CPD, in November one of our long-term dreams finally came true! For more than twenty years Pastor Tomas Bencomo, President of Alliance Mexico, has dreamed of reaching the Guarajio tribe. The Guarajio tribe is an ethnic group that exists between the border of three Mexican states: Chihuahua, Sonora, and Sinaloa. It is an unreached ethnic group where the gospel has never been preached. Finally, in mid-November, the day came when five of us got into a truck knowing where we wanted to go, but not knowing if we were coming back.

Guarajios Team-Jan2019The Guarajio tribe exists in an area of the mountains governed by cartels and it is not easy to get into their territory. While praying, we drove for hours and hours into the canyons of the Guarajio terrain. Finally, we arrived into a little town called Loreto, also known as the, “Heart of the Guarajio”. As it began to get dark, men with rifles appeared while we were stopped to ask directions. Though we did not know anyone, Pastor Tomas was able to meet and converse with one of the ladies from the town. It is truly amazing to see how God starts making movements of the agedness to open the doors. I saw with my own eyes how originally no one wanted us in this town but in an instant everything changed.

Pastor Tomas
A lady in town, who was in charge of a small boarding school no longer in use, decided to let us stay the night in their installations and just like that a relationship was started. I am thankful we can share that not only were we invited to go back but also to bring more food baskets to the Guarajio, a way that God has faithfully used to establish relationship with tribes in the past.

-Brenda L. Granados


You are invited to partner with us to keep moving forward on this new initiative. Will you pray about partnering in this venture to reach this Unengaged Unreached People Group? Jesus says that He will not return until all tribes on planet earth have heard the Gospel with clarity, bringing some to faith. I believe all of us here in the CPD have an unprecedented opportunity to reach one of these tribes that still remain on Jesus' personal to-do list. 

In 2018, we met our First Year donation goals. But there is still room for more people to be involved. Wanna make history – helping bring the very first Guarajio to Christ – by adding to the pot?

You can send checks payable to CPD with 'Guarajios' in the memo line to our district office.

Feel free to give me a call or email me at tim@cpdistrict.org for details, to let me know you're IN, or just to hear about our hopes and how the launch is going and beyond!!


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