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[fa icon="calendar"] September 25, 2019 / by Tim Agnello

Over the summer, I was so excited to send you an update about one of our Alliance ministries in an Asian country that must be kept unnamed at this point. Here is yet another story from this same ministry. God is growing our efforts there and I hope you enjoy this latest update!

If you have an interest in learning more about our efforts in this country and possibly even getting involved in the ministry there, please contact me personally, as I would love for more of our CPD churches to engage with this. I will be doing Vision Trips in 2020 to this site. As you may remember, Vision Trips are for decision-making leaders of our CPD churches who: go to the field with me, learn what's going on, meet our IWs, and then come back to engage their church in partnership.

I'm looking forward to hearing from some of you - ARE YOU READY?!

Miss Lek’s* family was desperately poor. Out of options, Lek felt the only way to support her family was to work at a brothel in the capital city.

God intervened.

In that same city, an organization called Woven seeks to help women like Lek. It is a consortium of projects and businesses addressing the needs of the whole person. Headed by The Alliance in Canada in partnership with CAMA staff, Woven includes a café, a jewelry business, a hair salon training center, an organic farm, a start-up vocational school, and safe houses for girls at risk.

When a Woven outreach team visited the brothel where Lek was working, they told her they could offer her safe housing, education, and work. They explained that God and many other people cared about women like her in unsafe situations.

Lek took a courageous step to leave the brothel and enroll in Woven’s beauty training program. She hoped to get a job as a hairstylist so she could send money back to her family.

CAMA Woven Project-Braid

In addition to lessons in hair cutting, makeup, and money management, Lek’s classes included daily devotions. This was the first time she had ever sung a praise song or memorized a Bible verse. Before long, Lek decided to follow the God who loves her and calls her by name.

Lek was very excited about her new hope in Christ. She asked another Christian student to return home with her and help tell her family. That was the first of several visits. Each time Lek’s classmates or Woven staff went with her, they shared more about who God is and how He wants to bring us into a relationship with Himself.

Eventually, Woven staff organized another visit to Lek’s village where they hosted a worship service with family members and neighbors. Three people chose to believe that day!

Today, Lek has graduated from the beauty program and is working as a hair stylist. Her mother and sister traveled to celebrate Lek’s graduation. Her story reminds us that as God reconciles us to Himself, He also reconciles us with one another.

We are grateful for the opportunity to join God in what He’s doing!

*Name changed

For more information on the Woven Project, check it out here: http://camaservices.org/project/woven/

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