Missions: How to Choose a Global Partnership

[fa icon="calendar"] March 21, 2018 / by Tim Agnello

Some of our pastors have been asking lately, "How does my church choose a Global Partnership?"  The best approach to finding the right partnership for your church is to start by asking yourself a couple of questions, like:

- Do we know any Alliance workers already that we would like to connect with or support?

- Do we already have a place or region of the world in mind where the Alliance is working that we would like to connect with or go see?

- Do we have a type of ministry or project in mind that our church would like to be a part of overseas?

As your church starts to pray and discuss connecting with our Alliance work globally, these questions will be helpful as you think through what it means to engage in Global Partnerships!

People+Place+Project =PassionPEOPLE

Do you already know any workers on the field that you can support?  Alliance IWs that were sent from your church, IWs that have spoken at your Missions Conference in the past, or a young couple ready to be deployed to the field, these are all examples of people with whom you may already have a heart connection with and could start a partnership.


I have found that many times, God will call a church to connect to a certain country or region of the world. Some are called to connect with Cambodia, others have a heart for The Middle East, and still others may be interested in Mexico.  Many churches have found they enjoy taking their youth south of the border, but also have a thriving partnership overseas as well. The idea here is, there is a place on planet earth that the church feels called to, so connecting to that special place makes sense for the church.


This is about a specific type of ministry the church is passionate about. Some churches want to be involved in church planting, some with ESL, some are already equipped for medical work, while others are interested in working with tribal groups or fighting against

human trafficking. The idea here is, the church wants to know – where is this project happening, because that’s where they will probably connect.


Sometimes, this all works together!  Which means, the church has found their people, and they’re in the right place, doing the right project. How wonderful when all these things collide - igniting the church with passion

The question is, what type of connection is going to ignite YOUR passion?


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