Understanding Global Missions

Earth with Africa

In our desire to help our pastors successfully complete the Missions Awareness requirements needed for Ordination, we have designed an in-house, five session seminar that will educate the student in:

  1. God's Word - What does the Bible say about Global Missions?
  2. God's World - What are the realities and challenges that we are facing today in regard to completing the Great Commission?
  3. God's Work - What does it mean to "do" Missions? What is the C&MA doing specifically?  And how do we get involved as individuals and churches?

These five sessions would flow together best as a 2-day Seminar, but can be spread out over time if necessary.  We are encouraging our pastors to go through it together with others to facilitate good interaction and maximum learning.

This seminar can also be used for Church Missions Teams or others wanting to learn about Global Missions. If you are interested in bringing this training to your church, contact us at the District Office.

If you are interested in scheduling this training, please fill out the information form and we will be in touch.