Member Highlight Video: Thank you for supporting Alliance Redwoods during the Santa Rosa Fires 

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Alliance Redwoods 2017 Fire Storm Video from CampLife Creations on Vimeo.

To each of you who supported Alliance Redwoods during the Santa Rosa fires, again thank you. All of us here at Alliance Redwoods were encouraged and greatly blessed by the partnership of our Alliance family. Your generosity and willingness to help has not gone unnoticed. This video, which was viewed at Encounter, sums up our story during the Santa Rosa fires. We operated for over two weeks housing firefighters each day and night. Because of you, we were able to house over 3,500 firefighters and house over 100 displaced people.

Please share this video with your congregations and thank them for giving to the Sonoma Fire Relief fund.

Thank you,

All of us at the Alliance Redwoods 
& The Central Pacific District team


Produced by Camplife Creations.

Partnering with Alliance Redwoods Conference Grounds.

What did Alliance Redwoods do during the 2017 Fire Storm?

In the fall of 2017, Northern California was devastated by fires.

Alliance Redwoods opened its doors to 100 displaced fire victims.

Many of whom came with only the clothes on their backs.

Alliance Redwoods housed and fed over 3,500 Firefighters.

"We are beyond blessed to be housed by Alliance Redwoods. We hope that this will give us the time we need to seek God and figure out what comes next."

 "When you don't have much, you truly are thankful for each person who comes alongside you." - The Vega Family


 "Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others." - Booker T. Washington.

Thank you!



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