Member Highlight: Pastor Steve Swinburne

[fa icon="calendar"] April 12, 2017 / by Steve Swinburne

Pastor Steve SwinburneFrom time to time we'll be highlighting members of our CPD family to get to know them better. The questions and answers below are from an interview with Pastor Steve Swinburne of Price Chapel in Price, Utah.

Name: Steve Swinburne
Church: Price Chapel
Years in Ministry: 3 at Price Chapel, 12 total years in full-time ministry.

Please introduce yourself:

I’ve been married for 12 years to my wife, Renee’. We have three kids, Evan (6), Reagan (5) and David (2). I love Jesus and His Church. I’m passionate about basketball and politics. I believe that God is on the move in the world and it is my privilege to be part of what He is up to. My conviction is that Jesus will return for a glorious and victorious church.

What drew you into full time ministry?

I am a second-generation Pastor. As a young child, I wanted to be a Lion Tamer, but God had a different plan. Although being a lion tamer and a Pastor probably has some similarities! When I was 8 years old I was sitting in the front row at our church during a Missions Conference and I felt God calling me into vocational ministry. Throughout my life, God continued to confirm my desire. At the LIFE conference in 1998 I publicly committed to becoming a Pastor. I love what I do and feel so blessed to serve God’s church.

What are you most passionate about in your ministry?

We all have different gifts and purposes in the Church. I believe God has shaped Renee’ and myself to be able to go to a more established/traditional church and turn it around to be more outward focused and able to reach the next generation. We were able to do this as Associate Pastors in Bellingham, WA and now in Price, UT as Lead Pastors at Price Chapel.

I am passionate about not only leading in the church, but also in the community. God has given us great favor with our government officials and civic leaders. One of my great joys is having a voice that goes beyond the pulpit and into the public arena.

In the last year-and-a-half we’ve done sermon series on “Hope for Mental Health” and “Recovering From Abuse.” I am passionate about applying the gospel to practical areas in our lives. I love to take on difficult subjects that we are usually afraid to talk about in the church.

Tell us a little about the church you are in.

Price Chapel was started in 1944. Six of the original nine members were my Great-Grandparents and Great-Great Grandparents. Through the last 73 years, members of my family have sacrificed in significant ways to help Price Chapel become the influential church that it is today.

Four district superintendents, many Pastors and Missionaries have been sent out of Price Chapel. We are excited to send out Alex & Kat Krum and their kids as Alliance Missionaries to the Muslim world in the near future.

Two other churches have been planted in our region because of Price Chapel. We average around 200 people on a Sunday, but in our small Mormon community, we are the largest church in the area. Over 50% of our church community has a Mormon background. Our mission is “Finding and Following Jesus Together.”

Three years ago, God brought our family to Price Chapel. I never thought we would end up in Utah. But God has a beautiful way of working. It’s my joy to build on the foundation and legacy of the generations that have gone before me in Utah.

What are you dreaming about for the future?

We’re dreaming about raising up the next generation of leaders and pastors. This year we will have three young men interning with us.

We’re dreaming about making a difference in eliminating the epidemic of drug abuse in our community as well as intergenerational poverty.

We’re dreaming about creating a culture where we don’t just believe the right things, but we do the right things.

We’re dreaming about a movement of people who haven’t just found Jesus, but are fully following Jesus with everything they have!

Swinburne family

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