Like Moses, Will You Choose Rejection?

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Thumbs down in sign of rejection

Phil Rehberg from Risen King in Redding is a regular contributor to our blog.  Today in the face of growing uncertainty from our own government, he reminds us of what is really important as we serve our King.  While we don't face the same kinds of things believers in other countries face, there are still ways we will face rejection.  His question, "Are you ready?"  is a valid question, especially in these times.

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The Reward Of Choosing Rejection In Our Society

Pharoah’s daughter found the Jewish infant Moses and adopted him as her son. But when Moses grew up he chose to keep his Jewish identity rather than his Egyptian identity. Obviously, Moses’ life would have been much more prosperous and enjoyable if he had chosen to be related to the Pharaoh of Egypt.

But something even better gripped his heart. He wanted to be part of the people of God. He was “choosing rather to be mistreated with the people of God than to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin.” (Heb. 11:25, ESV) This is where Moses’ story becomes our story and guides us to Christian living in an unchristian culture.

Moses believed that belonging to God and fellowshiping with His people had to be superior to belonging to Pharaoh and his people. But this was a dangerous idea. The Jewish people were oppressed and God called Moses to free His people. This meant he would be in actual conflict with Pharaoh. It meant that Moses would feel the same pain that Pharaoh would inflict on the Jews.

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