Let's Reach an Unengaged Unreached People Group in Central Mexico

[fa icon="calendar"] August 20, 2018 / by Ray Van Gilst

Whenever we come across people groups that are not yet reached, it is a big AHA moment.  And especially when they are so relatively close to home.  After all, Mexico is pretty much in our backyard.  So, my question for you is, "Do you want to be a part of something big?"  Actually, I would challenge you to be a part of something big - like bringing back the King - by engaging an unreached people group with the gospel! 

Read more from our Missions Director Tim Agnello on how you can be a part of this "something big." - Ray

As most of you know, my heart beats for the unreached people groups around the world – and that we, the CPD, would be diligent in bringing the name of Jesus to those who have not yet heard! Well, we have an unprecedented opportunity, as a District, to help pioneer a brand new initiative and engage an Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) in the mountains of Central Mexico.

Map of Mexico

These people are called the Guarajios - this tribe is totally Unengaged (no one working with them) and totally Unreached (no Christians or churches).

As I have been building a good relationship with the President of Alliance Mexico, Tomas Bencomo, he and I have been dreaming about reaching the Guarajios. We decided that he would go do a scouting trip to see if there might be a way for us to connect with this tribe. Great News - he has returned and we spent some quality time talking about his findings and the possibilities for Gospel ministry.

After a 2-day drive (one way) deep into the mountains of Chihuahua located in Central Mexico, Thomas and his team discovered a remote town that is somewhat of a central hub for the many, even more remote villages that are deep into the mountains and inaccessible by vehicle. Upon arrival they found the town leaders and began asking questions and sharing our interest about helping the people in this region. They were met with a positive but hesitant response as they were told that this entire region is controlled by the Cartel (drug lords).

When Tomas asked about how they might be of service to the people of this region they were told that the first Guarajio Village is an 8-hour hike from this central town and there were many more deep in the mountains, only accessible by foot.


FIRST YEAR consists of 3 Phases:

Phase 1: Buy a vehicle capable of making the very difficult drive to the first central town where the truck will be parked and supplies will be offloaded. A good relationship will need to be forged with a local in order for this to happen. Tomas feels good about the potential of securing this first connection point. We don't want the Cartel stealing or torching the vehicle after we park it and start hiking into the mountains.

Phase 2: Alliance Mexico Team will start hiking (no Gringos yet) into the mountains to reach the remote villages of the Guarajios trusting that God will give us a good connection and be able to find some needs that we are able to meet that will help the people. Tomas believes that various forms of service will be welcomed, such as: food baskets, medicine, medical help, schooling for children, etc.

Phase 3: Begin bringing supplies and resources that will be helpful to the Guarajios. He believes some will need food, he believes some will need medicine, still other villages will want a school and so on. These trips will happen approximately once every two months for the first year so we can begin loving the people, building trust, meeting needs, sharing the Gospel and securing a bond with the Guarajios that will open the door for qualified teams from the CPD to come and minister.


We need $20,200 to launch the First Year of Ministry (Phases 1-3):

  • $7000 for a Heavy Duty 4-Wheel Drive Truck (purchased in Mexico)
  • $2200 per trip to make inroads at the central town and begin visiting the more remote villages with the supplies. We hope to do at least 6 trips in the first year.

                                $7000 for truck

                            + $13,200 for total of six trips

                            = $20,200 to launch the first year

  • Alliance Mexico will provide for their own food and lodging.  
LAUNCH DATE will be planned once we have secured our financial goal. 


Will you pray about partnering in this new venture to reach this Unengaged Unreached People Group? Jesus says that He will not return until all tribes on planet earth have heard the Gospel with clarity, bringing some to faith. I believe all of us here in the CPD have an unprecedented opportunity to reach one of these tribes that still remain on Jesus' personal to-do list. How about we GO AFTER THEM?!!!

With the launch of this new initiative, we are well over halfway towards our First Year donation goals. Wanna make history – helping bring the very first Guarajio to Christ – by adding to the pot?

You can send checks payable to CPD with 'Guarajios' in the memo line to our district office.

Feel free to give me a call or email me at tim@cpdistrict.org for details, to let me know you're IN, or just to hear about our hopes and plans for the launch and beyond!!



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