Learn How to Do a Better Job of Doing Less at Work

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tired businessman being overloaded at workWho of us isn't overwhelmed by ministry? Or for that matter, life? And just when you think you finally have your head a little bit above water, people are shot and killed in Las Vegas, or a devastating fire breaks out in Santa Rosa. The fact of the matter is, there are always going to be things in life and ministry that are going to try to sideswipe us. What Keith writes here is not the whole answer - but it is a good start. I hope it helps!

 Posted by: Keith Webb

How to Be Free of Overwhelm at Work

If you feel overwhelmed at work, you’re not alone. A recent ABCNEWS.com survey revealed that 50% of worker feel overworked or overwhelmed. Surprisingly, those of us who manage our own time and tasks, far from living the centered, focused lives we dream of, experience overwhelm of our own making. Here’s how to be free of overwhelm.

We try to work harder to gain some measure of control. We try working longer, putting in more hours to get it all done. We try working smarter by delegating tasks, but they seem to come back to us in new forms of problems.

Actually, working harder or longer or smarter adds complexity to what you are doing, further intensifying your feeling of overwhelm.

You don’t escape being overwhelmed by working harder, you get free by doing less, better.

Doing Less, Better

Work has a multiplying effect. Opportunities and problems are everywhere. The more I dive into them, the more they show up in new forms. I try to tackle those tasks, working more efficiently, but they multiply again.

The key is doing less. You have to know your Main Thing. Here’s how to find out:

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