Essential Guide to Law & Tax for New Ministers

Law and Taxes

If you’re like most new ministers, you probably are overwhelmed by the legal and tax issues that
confront you in the ministry. Richard R. Hammar wrote this book for you! He will answer questions like:

  • Who is a minister for federal tax purposes?
  • Should I report my taxes as an employee or as self-employed?
  • Should I “opt out” of Social Security?
  • What is the housing allowance?
  • What are the tax consequences of living in a church-owned parsonage?
  • Do I have taxes withheld from my wages, or am I required to pay estimated taxes? 

And so many more! It is essential that you, as a new minister, be familiar with the legal requirements and tax rules that apply to your vocation. Unfortunately, few begin their ministry with this knowledge.

This book was created to provide new ministers with quick, understandable answers to the
kinds of questions mentioned above. Those who want more information on any of these issues
can easily find it.

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