Katang Village Mission Update: From This to THIS!

[fa icon="calendar"] September 12, 2018 / by Tim Agnello

I am repeatedly amazed at our CPD churches - the way we are engaging the ends of the earth and impacting a lost world in the name of JESUS. Please enjoy reading the latest update below from Josh Blair, lead pastor at The Rising Church in Utah. What a wonderful thing God continues to do in the jungles of Cambodia through the churches of the CPD. LOVE IT!

Thanks, Tim

Last fall we had the privilege of traveling to Cambodia with Tim Agnello on a Vision Trip. Vision Trips are designed to give Pastors in the Central Pacific District (CPD) a ‘boots on the ground’ experience of what our family of churches is doing around the globe. The CPD has a few strategic partnerships, Cambodia being one of them.

We marveled at how the LORD was at work in Northeastern Cambodia in the tribal villages. God called a young man to leave his village and go to a neighboring village. He asked the elders for permission and they granted it. He was a Christian and began sharing his faith and many came to the saving knowledge of Jesus as a result! He then boldly asked the elders if they would give him a plot of land to build a church and they agreed as they not only saw the life change within the villagers but the opportunity for the children of the village to be educated. The land was gifted as long as the church also encompassed a school.

Katang Village-Before

It has been 10 months since our visit and commitment to partner with the Katang Village Church. We were overjoyed to receive this picture of the completed Church building and we are excited to go back and see this Church dedicated and commissioned to the LORD in early 2019!

Katang Village-After

The Rising is committed to strategic and intentional missions partnerships and we anticipate a robust relationship for years to come!

In Him, Through Him, For Him, 

Joshua S. Blair – Pastor
The Rising

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