It's Pastor Appreciation Month [Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] October 6, 2020 / by Wayne Spriggs

Hi there, CPD Pastors! It's a delight to be able to talk to you just for a moment. This is October and the Pastor Appreciation month. And I want to express to you my sincere and deep appreciation for your leadership.

These have been extraordinary days. These days of COVID-19 and all of the other things that we've faced, including fires. You've been faithful, you've been diligent and you have done your work to the glory of God. And I'm so grateful for that.

I hope you'll enjoy the rest of this video as a number of our people, your people, are going to express their gratitude to you. God bless. Enjoy the month of October. We're grateful for you here at the CPD.

Enjoy these messages in a number of languages from across our Central Pacific District; Hmong and English, Arabic and Spanish and Hawaiian...we can't say thank you enough!

Feliz Dia de las Pastores! 

Happy Pastor Appreciation Month!

Mùshī gǎn'ēn yuè kuàilè

"Seek the Lord and hear from him, your teachings are anointed and go deep into us to heal our bodies and our souls. Because you and your family follow the Lord faithfully, we have the courage to journey alongside you and together see God's dreams come true."

"I want to say thank you and I appreciate all the pastors, especially the Arabic pastors of the CPD. God bless you this month."

"Dr. Joe and Debbie, thank you for your devoted hearts to serve God and the Leeward Community Church..."

"So what I appreciate about my pastors at Pathway church would be approachability of the pastors. You're always able to walk up to them and really have a great conversation with them and they never seem like they're too busy for you. And they always take the time to ask how you're doing and also to just get an update on your life."

"This message is for pastor Nigel, from Jeremiah and Gordon. Thank you..."

"For the pastors we have here in Parkside. We just have a fantastic staff and Ron, Jeremiah, Gordon and Nigel just really work together good to bring God's word to all of us. And we appreciate everything that they do."

"Pastores Barrera, como familia agradecemos por su valiosa amistad y gran liderazgo. Y a nombre de la congregación agradecemos todo el desempeño que tienen y dan para toda la congregación."

Thank you to all our pastors!