Insights to Help You Tune Out Technology and Turn on Vacation Mode

[fa icon="calendar"] July 14, 2017 / by Ray Van Gilst

cell phone with red prohibition signI'm afraid Keith's experience is like many of us. I know that I resonate with his sentiment, "I don't want to come home from vacation (or any traveling) to a mountain of emails."  Whether or not this would work for you is something you will have to figure out.  But it is obvious we all need more balance in our lives in this area. Take a look at what he has to say and see if it applies to you and if it is an idea you can use. And thank you Keith for making us think about our priorities.

Poste by: Keith Webb

Take a Vacation from Email, Without Returning to a Full Inbox

During a recent vacation, I completely unplugged from email, social media, and websites for a week. The experience revealed some hard lessons about myself. I also found the secret for how to unplug in such a way that you won’t be swamped with emails when you plug back in. 

On past vacations, I would “check-in” on email each morning and evening. This year I decided to completely unplug. Unplugging would allow me to fully engage with my family 24/7, relax, and completely change my frame of mind for a week. I wanted a real vacation.

3 Personal Lessons From A Week Without Email

The idea of stepping away from email for a week made me a bit nervous. My organization’s customer service, marketing, and sales is run entirely through our website, email, and social media. Because it’s all Internet-based, even when I travel I normally process and respond to email.

It was no problem for my organization to live without me. However, I had trouble living without email. Here’s what I learned:

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For many of us, turning off email and virtually all communication for a week is easier said than done – in fact, it can be downright frightening. But what if you tried it and turned out to be the best thing you ever did? What if you were present in moments of your family vacation that you would have otherwise missed out because you were staring down at a screen instead of looking up at the world around you?

Do you have any tips to help you get in true vacation mode?

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