I Don’t Want to Need Faith

[fa icon="calendar"] May 15, 2019 / by Ray Van Gilst

people holding hands in a circle around the word faith People who are uncommitted and uninvolved don’t need empowerment because they’re not doing anything. I believe God begins to work through people who surrender their lives as living sacrifices to God and say, “God, take my ability, talent, mouth, eyes, ears and everything I have and use it for you.” He manifests himself through them in a variety of ways, gifting the church.

Faith Can Be Tiring

Here’s what I know about people like that – they get tired. They get beat up. They get hurt. The enemy comes with spiritual warfare, rips them apart, and leaves servants who love the Lord crushed like piles of rubble. The faith they once had as they stepped out, believing God and the vision he gave them, has been cut to shreds and now they’re bleeding all over the place. 

I hear Jesus saying, “I’m going to build my church and dispense my gifts – faith, encouragement, healing –to people when they’re hurting and really need them so they can be built up and storm the gates of hell.” Sometimes people are low and need that kind of grace. The way Jesus gives it to them is to dispense it through people to people who need it – when they need it.

Faith When You Least Expect It

Sometimes faith is a gift that comes through somebody to you just when you need it. Sometimes you would never expect it because it’s not a person who is terribly strong in faith. I get discouraged sometimes, but through someone’s words or their prayers I get faith when I least expect it. It’s God’s gift to me to keep me going and build me up. A gift of faith that comes through people because they surrendered to the spirit of God. When that happens the spirit of God will manifest to his body what it needs when it needs it. It will be ministered through all sorts of people in all sorts of different ways.

God Gives You the Faith You Need

I also think the gift of faith is dispensed according to the measure of the ministry we’re called to. When you begin to sense a call to a particular kind of ministry, I believe God is going to give you the measure of faith and grace you need to do that work.

Faith is a Choice

I also think the reason some people never have faith is because they make a choice not to have faith. Some people never experience the powerful dynamic of faith in their lives because they never step out on a ledge beyond what they can handle. They volunteer for ministries they know they can do. They have the ability to fit it all in. They never step out into any kind of ministry that would require faith, so they never get faith. If God calls you to something, He’ll give you the faith to do what you have to do. 

Jesus said, “I’m going to build my church – and the gates of hell won’t prevail. And I’m going to dispense gifts through people to people.” When I’m beat up, tired and just don’t have faith, the manifestation of faith is going to come to me from the spirit through some of you – and that’s the gift.

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