How to Choose a Global Partnership

[fa icon="calendar"] March 1, 2016 / by Tim Agnello

hands_holding_up_globeSome of our pastors have been asking me lately, "Tim, how does my church choose a global partner?"  I usually start by asking a couple of questions, like:

"Do you know any Alliance workers already that you would like to connect with or support?"

"Do you already have a place or region of the world in mind where the Alliance is working that you would like to connect with or go see?"

"Do you have a type of ministry or project in mind that your church would like to be a part of overseas?"

I have found that as a church starts to pray and discuss connecting with our Alliance work globally, these questions have been helpful as they think through what it means to engage in Global Partnertships. Please enjoy reading the additional info below and feel free to contact me with any questions!

Why Partner?

Alliance International Workers (IWs) serve in spiritually dark places where every day they interact with people who need to know Jesus. They sense the urgency to accomplish the task and desperately desire churches to come alongside them and assist them with their work.

When your church commits to a deepening relationship with these workers and begins to understand their vision, you’ll discover opportunities for much greater impact.


What's Involved in a Partnership?

As a partnering church, your goal will be involvement in the following key elements:

  • Partner Care – care for the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of IWs in your target country
  • Strategic Prayer – discover the spiritual issues and challenges that you can bring before God in prayer
  • Doing Our Share – direct your finances in the most strategic manner to fund your partner’s ministry vision
  • Going There – travel to your partner’s location and work side-by-side on strategic ministry projects
  • Staying Aware – keep ongoing connections through various media communications for encouragement


Where could we partner?

Since partnering is about relationships, we encourage you to start from natural connections you already have with overseas workers or fields. You can also choose a place that makes sense for who you are as a church body. Ask the Lord who and where He would like you to partner and decide what impact you want to make in the world:

  • PEOPLE/PLACES – Is there an International Worker or region of the world that your church already has an interest in – either from a Missions trip or another connection with your church?
  • PROJECTS – Is there a type of ministry that your church is especially interested in—medical, education, leadership development, church planting, social injustice, tribal ministry, kids ministry, etc…?


Impact Stories


"Developing an international partnership has revolutionized missions at our church. Having experienced this connection, I wouldn't do global outreach any other way. Our church now has friends in ministry who serve in another country. We feel more personally connected to God's work through the Alliance than ever before."

- East Hills Alliance Church


"Having partnerships is vital to getting the job done. Reaching people for Christ is a team effort and the more churches on board the better equipped we can all be to see the Great Commission accomplished."

- International Worker, Russia


The district office of the CPD stands ready to facilitate strategic relationships between U.S. Alliance churches and Alliance workers overseas. Our staff is here to coach you through the whole process from identifying where to partner and what projects to support to developing the relationship and getting your whole church involved in the five key elements of a healthy partnership. 



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