How Do You View Children in Your Church?

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group_of_kidsThis blog by Sandy Kang of San Jose Christian Alliance in San Jose, California asks the question, "How do we view our children?" An important question considering the fact that they are our future. Personally I am mostly looking at this in the rearview mirror; and while I don't have any major regrets and love where my kids are and how they are doing, I certainly could have improved on how I could have poured into them when they were young. Take a look at how Sandy views this challenge – it just might help you to not have any regrets.Posted by: Sandy Kang, cmalliancekids

When a child runs through your church, do you see

  • Innocent and cute,
  • A burden or disruption,
  • Another body to increase the church membership number, or
  • A “project” with whom to share the gospel?

What do you see in a newborn entering the nursery for the first time?

What do you see in that defiant, stubborn child?

Would you consider viewing each child as an ARROW to be sharpened?

Children are a reward and blessing who bring joy to their parents. But we are not called just to raise good Christian children—we are called to train up and sharpen them as arrows for God’s Kingdom.

When we adopt this thinking, we view children differently. This perspective transforms what we do in Sunday school and in our children’s ministries. It also changes how we equip parents for the task of parenting a generation to contend with their enemies unashamedly and victoriously.

Continue to original article to read about the three areas to consider in sharpening children as arrows.

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