Hope is Rising: Prayer for Encounter 2019 [Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] January 29, 2019 / by Ray Van Gilst

A Prayer for our time together at Encounter 2019

 "Hope is Rising"

As Encounter 2019 approaches, we are praying this prayer for our time together- Join us!
Join us in praying and join us in person on February 25-27 in Chico for our Central Pacific District Conference. 

Father, there is no one like you. And we ask that as we gather together for Encounter 2019, we would dream the dreams that are on your heart. That as a family, we would ask what would it look like to represent our Father to a world in the midst of tragedy. That we would see that we are not alone but that there are brothers and sisters around us who also long to see you known in this world. And that we would be able to declare together that hope is rising.

Father, we need the feeling of your Holy Spirit and your grace to accomplish all you've called us to do in this time. To fulfill these strategies that you are giving us, to fulfill these dreams that you have given us. God, we need you to fill us with your spirit. And you have promised to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. And so we say with confidence that hope is rising.

Father, we long to encounter you and your word. We ask that as the truth of your word is spoken to us in this time that it would permeate our hearts and that we would be able to truly encounter you through the words that we hear. God, that we would remember that you're the God who redeems the impossible situation, that you are the God who brings light out of darkness, that you are the God who brings beauty out of ashes. That you are the one who loves this world enough to send His son, and that as we realize the goodness of who you are we would say that hope is rising.

And Father, as we gather together, as we love one another, as we dream together, as we strategize together, as we encounter you together, we ask that there would be an encounter with you like we've never had before. And that we would say that hope is rising.


Our Central Pacific District and Neighborhood Church of Chico are preparing to see you at Encounter 2019, happening February 25-27 in Chico, CA. If you haven't registered yet, be sure to register soon and book your hotel. This is an Encounter you don't want to miss!

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