As we are looking forward to moving beyond COVID-19 restrictions, we are providing resources here that will aid you in planning what that will look like in your specific location.

The CPD team is standing by ready to assist you. Please feel free to reach out to us by contacting our office either by phone at 530-662-2500 or email.

Please be encouraged and keep up the good work!

Whatever your needs, we have resources for your leadership team and your church to meet you where you are. Scroll and click below for the resource lists based on your needs:

  1. Current COVID-19 Guidelines and Restrictions

  2. Preparing for Post COVID-19 and Leading the Church

  3. Creating and Sustaining Community during COVID-19

  4. Moving your Church Online

  5. Staying Connected as a CPDistrict



1. Current COVID-19 Guidelines and Restrictions

The State of California has put specific counties on a monitoring list.  As of July 13, 2020, the latest guidelines restrict indoor services in the counties on the monitoring list. Here is a link to the California Department of Public Health guidelines which includes a list of counties affected.

If a county is listed on the monitoring list, three factors have been taken into account.

  1. Elevated Disease Transmission
  2. Increasing Hospitalization
  3. ICU Beds or Ventilators Available

When each of these factors are above the threshold criteria for three straight days a county is added to the list. 

The restriction on indoor worship among other restrictions remains in effect until further notice. 

Outdoor worship is permitted with the following restrictions:  All industry or sector guidance documents that have been issued to date, including all infectious control measures outlined in those guidance documents, including the use of face coverings, which is mandated statewide apply in outdoor settings, and thus must be adhered to. Outdoor operations may be conducted under a tent, canopy, or other sun shelter, but only as long as no more than one side is closed, allowing sufficient outdoor air movement.



As we navigate returning to worship, school, work and other plans, we want to share a few resources with you from Church & Casualty Insurance Agency. Information on safely returning to worship, sample waivers, and additional resources can be found at 

2. Preparing for Post COVID-19 and Leading the Church


Central Pacific District Biblical Statement

We have received requests from a number CPD pastors who desire guidance regarding the timing of reopening their churches. After discussion with DEXCOM, we advise our churches to work with their local authorities regarding timing and social distancing guidelines for public meeting.

We have endeavored to examine this question from a Biblical standpoint.

Here is our Biblical Statement your prayerful consideration.


Planning to Relaunch Public Gatherings: Questions for Local Churches to Consider

Compiled by Church Ministries

Terry Smith, the VP of Church Ministries for the C&MA sent a list of questions that churches should be asking as they move toward relaunch of public services. Terry writes:

The questions are divided into three segments: General, Childrens Ministry, and Youth Ministry. We decided to take the approach of providing questions as opposed to prescribing a specific plan because of the reality that there are so many different approaches that government agencies will be taking in terms of when and how they will allow public gatherings to resume. I hope you and your churches will find this to be a helpful document as church leadership teams use it to discuss what their specific plan should look like.

Click here to Download your free copy



Leading the Church in the Post-COVID Era Webinar

Hosted by EquippingU 

With the future in view, EquippingU hosted a webinar presentation with special guest Daniel Yang, who has deep Alliance roots and is currently the executive director of the Send Institute Network, focusing on church multiplication. Daniel has his ears on the ground for important trends in church leadership and will share helpful insights that you will find helpful as we look to leading the Church in the Post-COVID Era! Mike Mitchum writes:

This webinar was the best discussion I have seen so far about planning for the changes that will inevitably come to the church after the crisis has passed. When will that happen? The answer to that question is far from certain, but it is certain that this COVID-19 crisis will come to an end at some point.

Click here to view the full EquippingU Webinar


3. Creating and Sustaining Community


Art of Neighboring Toolkit

This is a very helpful Toolkit to help us create and sustain community from the authors of “The Art of Neighboring” by Dave Runyon and Jay Pathak. Here is a description of the toolkit:

This toolkit builds on the principles from that book and is designed to provide safe and practical ideas for neighboring during this unique moment that we find ourselves in. “COVID informed neighboring” is the antidote to the isolation and loneliness that social distancing can lead to. Thus, there has never been a better time to meet and connect with the people who live right outside your front door.

Click here to Download your free copy Website Resource

A centralized hub of trusted resources dealing with the coronavirus and the church is the website The purpose of this site is to assist all churches and ministry leaders as they prepare for and respond to the effects of the coronavirus in their congregations and communities. This website is a collaboration between The PEACE PLAN, Wheaton College: Billy Graham Center, and Humanitarian Distaster Institute.

Click here to go to Website of Resources and Apps for Churches

Passed along to us by Joe Ong, Pastor of Leeward Community Church, he and his leaders have used some of the tools from the website to assess the needs of their congregation during this crisis. He reports, “It has been very helpful and revealing. Love it!” Here is a description of the website:

Trusted resources and digital tools for churches, and the organizations that serve them, to use as they prepare for and respond to the impacts Coronavirus is having on their communities.

Here is the link to the webpage:


4. Resources: Moving Your Church Online


Discounted Software and Hardware Website: Tech Soup

Are you familiar with

It is a great place for non-profits to get significant discounted software and hardware. 

You can get Business Zoom Meeting accounts at a discounted price.

Going Digital: Learning how to Connect with your Congregation Digitally

CMAllianceU launched a new course designed to help those churches who are struggling to stay connected while not being able to meet on Sundays. This course is simple. Right now, the curriculum educates churches on how to record a sermon and upload it onto a digital platform using free resources. Soon, we will be adding additional resources that will help churches navigate connecting digitally for discipleship, giving, and pastoral care.

This course is FREE for anyone. Individuals will need to open an account on CMAllianceU to access the course.

Click here to register and access this course


Moving your Church into the Online World

The Bridge Church in Santa Rosa reached out with a resource to assist our fellow CPD churches in moving into the online world more rapidly than might otherwise be possible. Andrew Statezny is their resource person, and with his permission and the recommendation of The Bridge, we are providing Andrew’s bio, resources, and contact information below: 

Andrew Statezny has worked with innovative churches the last 29 years. This includes the most innovative church in America, Life Church. As part of the Central Leadership Team he was there at the beginning of the multi-site movement, church online, the Bible App and led the team responsible for mergers and acquisitions of other churches. As part of his work with CDF Leadership he has worked with many large churches but also helped small and medium sized churches as well. In addition to helping churches strategize their online communities he is also gifted at helping launch new campuses and churches. 

Leadership Capital Coach
Andrew's Cell Phone: 619.396.9077

Links to Resources and Videos

Please see Wayne's letter Pray, Prepare and Plan: Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Thursday, March 12th for more information on this topic. 


5. Connecting Conversations

Connecting Conversations


Click here to sign up for Central Pacific District wide "Connecting Conversations" with other church leaders in a various ministries. Let's support each other!

The Central Pacific District will be facilitating small groups of CPD family members, based on the role you play in your church or the district. If you would like to be a part of these Connecting Conversations, to share prayer requests, encourage each other and share great ideas and resources, sign up below and we will connect you!


Ideas and Resources to Share

Bright Idea to ShareDuring this time that we need to be practicing social distancing, how can we creatively be connecting with each other and our church members as well as reaching out the to community around us. 

Knowing community is where the best ideas and resources come from, we created this page as a place for you to post helpful information so the CPD community can all benefit.

Please click here to add your ideas and glean from others!