Easter Week Message from your DS [Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] April 6, 2020 / by Wayne Spriggs


This Easter Week message from your Central Pacific District Superintendent comes during a time when marathon like activities are needed: Preparation, Pruning and Pacing. Wayne shares a word of encouragement to run the race before us by pacing yourselves and following the example of Christ.

Watch the video above or read the transcription below:

Hey there, CPD family. I'm coming to you again from my apartment in Sacramento. Your district staff continues praying for you, especially as you navigate ministry under six-feet social distancing, shelter in place, and other restrictions due to the pandemic.

I'm so grateful that CPD churches have willingly heeded directions from local and state governments, thus helping to flatten the pandemic curve and prevent unnecessary deaths.

Thank you for setting a good example.

Many of us have attacked our new realities with gusto. From daily devotionals to frequent phone calls, from groceries for the elderly to regularly calling our people, our creative muscles have been exercised in new and dynamic ways. Way to go, CPD family!! I celebrate your spirit anointed engagement. Kingdom advance is clearly taking place.

The question now is what's next?

Truth is, we don't know what's next. Just the moment you seem to hit your stride and the new normal has been adjusted to, another course direction is necessary.

I initially prayed that by Resurrection Sunday, restrictions would be lifted. And now, in some jurisdictions, June might seem more likely. What started out as a sprint is gradually becoming a marathon. I don't know about you, I didn't sign up for a marathon. Like most Americans in the good old US of A, these things pass quickly and life returns to normal, not so this time.

So what do marathons require? Preparation, pacing, and pruning.

Most of us missed preparation, and pruning is slowly dawning on us as a new normal. We stand prepared as a CPD team to assist you in pruning. Budget reductions, staff cuts, vacations canceled, a long list of things to be pruned is emerging. Who we imagine many of us would be filling out forms to apply for pay protection program loans? And yet, this and more with millions on unemployment, the old has passed away and a new reality has come.

That leads me to pacing. This is Holy Week. Jesus set his face towards Jerusalem and the way was paved for the cross, the grave, and the resurrection. Three short years of focused ministry slowly gave way to the events we remember this week. I'm deterred by people, places, or possibilities. Let this cup pass from me.

Jesus paced himself toward the passion which gives life.

The Hebrew writer reminds us to run with endurance the race that is set before us. This week, as you remember, as you celebrate without the normal trappings and public services, family meals and traditional celebrations, let the example of Christ be yours. The pandemic which we are living through is not a sprint. It's a marathon. Pace yourself and begin now to plan for a future that may very well look quite different.

The District Team remains committed to partner with you, pray for you, and be there when you need us. We're only an email or a phone call away.

Happy Easter, and may the resurrection of Christ be a reminder of the new life God is bringing our way.

By the way, your district team is taking Wednesday this week to fast and pray using Zoom. Maybe you would like to join us. So wherever you are sheltered in place, whatever works for you, allow me to encourage a day this week for fasting and prayer.

Next week, we will facilitate some Zoom conversations for encouragement and prayer, and we're also going to send out a tool so that we can hear the faith stories of lives changed through your engagement during the season. We love and appreciate you.

God bless you as you celebrate afresh the resurrection of our Lord.


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