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[fa icon="calendar"] May 19, 2020 / by Wayne Spriggs



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Hey, CPD family, it's a delight to speak with you again this day. I want to thank you for the creative and dynamic reports that I'm hearing of your engagement during these days of coronavirus. From Facebook Live, to Zoom prayer, and Zoom Bible studies, pastors and lay leaders calling their congregation members, seeing how they're doing. I've heard reports of people taking groceries to shut-ins, and also just checking on them, making sure that they're doing fine. I've been so grateful to God for your dynamic engagement during these days. It's really been amazing.

Speaking of dynamic engagement, I also want to thank you for the way in which you have partnered with the district financially. I had the privilege the last month or so of handwriting notes to each of your congregations, thanking you for your district partnership. Because of your sacrificial gifts, and I recognize during these days every gift is sacrificial, we've continued at the district to be able to partner with our churches to provide ministry and engagement. And so I'm so grateful for that.

We're entering into a new season. The way is being paved for some of you to begin gathering together again. Others of you are anticipating what that will look like a little bit down the road. But we're all in this mode of what does it look like to be the church after coronavirus, or maybe even continuing in coronavirus?

With this in mind, several of us have been praying and thinking about a CPD online conference, a matter of fact, our very first. During our conference, we're anticipating some great opportunity to hear what God is saying to the CPD family. We've titled the conference This Divine Moment.

We're thrilled to tell you that our guest speaker is going to be David Hearn, the president of the CMA in Canada. David has a very clear and compelling word from God, and we believe you'll want to hear that.

Then our vice president of International Ministries, Tim Crouch, is joining us. And we're looking forward to him sharing some reports of what God is doing around the world.

We're going to look forward to hearing from one of our international workers. Then several of our pastors are going to share what God's been doing in their congregations during these days.

What I'm really thrilled about is at the 90 minute mark, we're going to break and have opportunity for seven Zoom rooms, where we can share together. These are not going to be seminars. They're not going to be training. They're going to be opportunity for us to share with a facilitator. So topics from struggling with juggling kids, and schooling, and work, and being a pastor's wife, to kids' ministry, to youth ministry, to preaching in pandemic.

Last Friday, I sent out a communication that has all of the details and we'll send it out again on Thursday but you don't want to miss this coming Saturday, May 23rd, CPD online, This Divine Moment, opportunity for us to gather together as a district and hear what God is saying.

So in Hawaii, 7:00am in the morning. Oh, I know that's early, but set your alarm for 6:45am, grab a cup of coffee, put your slippers on, don't even need to brush your teeth, and join us. And then for those of you here in California, it's 10:00am PT. Well, I suppose you can have a shower, and join us, and also grab your cup of coffee. And then for those of you on Mountain time, it'll be at 11:00am and make a sandwich, and join us because we'll be going over the lunch hour in Mountain time.

So we're looking forward to being together this Saturday, May 23rd. Hopefully, I'll see you at that time. God bless.

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