Ready For More? CPD Blessings during COVID-19 [Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] May 5, 2020 / by Mike Mitchum

The response to our first video of CPD blessings was so positive, I am sharing another video compilation of our pastors who shared a ONE MINUTE video. I encourage you to take six minutes to watch it. I’m positive it will be a blessing to you!

I’ve already got some more ONE MINUTE videos, but I can use more! Please send me a video of an unexpected blessing that you have experienced to our Dropbox folder by clicking here.

I will share another compilation next week. Will yours be a part of it?

Let’s encourage one another during this challenging time.


Transcription of the Testimonies:

John Stone @ Encounter Church

Hey CPD family, my name is John Stone. I'm pastor at Encounter Church in Sacramento, California, and just glad to be a part of this family, and wanted to share a story with you.

As a pastor, we shepherd and we care about the people in our church and we find...I'm sure you're in the same situation as me...where you find yourself just praying and saying "God, there are people who are in great need in our church?" 

I have, one of my elders, one of the volunteers in our church who serves it, he owns a small auto shop. And he is a person that I just love and care deeply about, but he's struggling right now, like many small business owners. And so there is not a lot of work that's coming in and he's just trying to, day by day, see how things are going to turn out. It's so cool to see how God answers prayer. And every week I'd go into his shop and I visit with him, see how he's doing.

Last week, he had nobody come in on Monday, nobody come in on Tuesday. On Wednesday, a person shows up and they say they have some problems. And as it turns out, it was pretty significant in cost. He was projecting it is going to cost about $4,000 to fix that particular person's car. And he's like, are you sure you want me to fix this? I mean, this is a big investment you're making in your car. And the person's like,"Yeah, I like my car, I want to keep my car, for sure." He fixes the car. $4,000 later, that person comes back and says, "Hey, there's a couple of other things I think I want you to do to fix my car because there's a few other issues that I haven't asked you to deal with yet."

He assessed what it was and he said, "Look, it's going to cost $2000 more dollars to do these things." And that person said, "Yeah, I know, I know. Don't worry about it. I want you to do that."

And I just want you to know that that was the only customer that he had for the first four days of this past week. But that one customer was God's provision. And honestly, it was an answer to prayer for my friend, this small business owner, and this person who's just waiting day by day for God to provide.

And I'm sure you're in the same situation, but as you shepherd and care for your people, my prayer is that you will see God answer prayers like this in your context as well.

All right. God bless you guys. Thank you

Raed Awabdeh @ Arabic Church of Sacramento/Arab American Learning Center

We serve them on our campus, the Arabic church, Arab American Learning Center. And now our campus is completely empty. Our ministry team, the Arabic Church of Sacramento ministry team, now we depend more on the Holy Spirit doing the work through FaceTime, Zoom, other social media, and we depend less on our own efforts and strategy. Trusting the Holy Spirit to take control and for us to give up the control we have, allowing the Holy Spirit doing the work. It looks like it's working. Our ministry team is encouraged. We have two people waiting to be baptized.

Paul Rogers @ Arabic Church of Sacramento/Arab American Learning Center

Blessings everyone. This is Paul with the Arabic Church of Sacramento. And we are seeing the Lord work in this time. We are doing remote Bible studies via Zoom and also Facebook Live broadcast. We've been able to broadcast what we're calling 'Family News' to the refugee community multiple times a week. Sharing the Gospel, sharing the Bible with them and having more people tune in than normally would come to our weekly Bible studies.

Also, for the young adults, I'm able to leave Zoom studies and some fruit from that we've seen is that people that are farther away that wouldn't normally come, are able to connect with us and are able to hear the Word of God, including a young woman recently who went through some trauma and a horrible situation, has been able to connect and now has joined us for multiple studies. So we praise the Lord that His Word is not chained and we're able to see it go out with technology. Might not be able to get a haircut, but the Word of God is going forth.

Mark Welch @ The Pointe

Mark Walsh here, senior pastor at The Pointe Church of Antelope, California, in the Sacramento area. As a part of the CPD, I just wanted to report that our people are all online. What is God doing? I don't know. But one thing I do know he's doing is he's expanding our reach. We've been praying for a long time to be able to expand our reach to people that aren't paying attention to us. And we've gone from reaching a few hundred a week to a few thousand a week, from our online services on Facebook Live and also our website. We're very grateful for that. Now some people were just touching, maybe they're just there for a few moments and then they get off, but we know many of them are actually paying attention and attending our services online. And we've actually picked up even givers from that, online givers.

And so we're very grateful. We just want to be of encouragement to the whole CPD family. Let's just trust the Lord. And one thing I can say, we've got a dedication to still tithing the money that comes into our church off to missions, and much of that goes to the Great Commission Fund.

And I just want to encourage everybody from my perspective, let's not shrink back during a time like this. If we are in need, let's trust that whatever we do for God's Kingdom out there is going to be rewarded by Him here.

That's all I'd have to say. But God bless you all and thanks for the district leadership and we love all of you. And we're praying for our whole district, all of our churches and our denomination during this time. God bless everyone.


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