CPD Blessings during COVID-19 [Video]

[fa icon="calendar"] April 16, 2020 / by Mike Mitchum

I have been blessed by the response of our pastors to my call to share a ONE MINUTE video of an unexpected blessing during this challenging time of ministry. This video is a compilation video including six of our district leaders. I encourage you to take six minutes to watch it. I’m positive it will be a blessing to you!

I would like to keep this going! Please send me a video of an unexpected blessing that you have experienced to our Dropbox folder by clicking here.

I will keep compiling and sharing them with our CPD family.

Hoping you too are being blessed in this challenging time,


Transcription of the Testimonies:

Jim Blake @ Alliance Redwoods

Hi! Jim Blake here from Alliance Redwoods as your representative. We have the privilege and honor of serving 80 people from our local rescue mission, providing them with decompression and access to additional beds so that their downtown facilities, they can open up more beds for the homeless.

Gary Jung @ Community Alliance Church

Hi, I'm Gary Jung, lead pastor at Community Alliance Church in Richmond, California and at this time of being sheltered in place, has been a blessing as well as a real challenge. And I think the blessing that we received is going from a situation where we were audio podcasting to doing video services online, has really stretched us, given us a chance to branch out in new and exciting ways and to reach an audience that we didn't have before as we've been able to put this up online. So God is a blessing. He's keeping us safe and well and we are so thankful for what all that God is doing and we're thankful for the district.

Brian Long @ Foothills Church

We're pivoting, seeing fruit and being grateful over here at Foothills Church. As all of you, we're forced to modify everything that we're doing, it's stretched us all and God is using it. We've taken all of our programming online and we're seeing high engagement and people are feeling connected.

We have a senior nutrition program which serves lunches to our seniors in our community. We've pivoted and that has gone from dine in, to take out, curbside delivery and we're seeing higher numbers of participation in that than pre COVID. This has us all off bubble, but the gospel is going out. People are uniquely tuning in. Giving has remained strong and Foothills Church is moving forward. Bless you guys.

Rob Goerzen @ Sonoma Alliance Church

Hello. This is Rob Goerzen, the pastor for Sonoma Alliance Church and I'm also a hospital administrator, so I have had 29 days of straight work with just Easter Sunday off, but that's part of the job. An unexpected blessing for me was that even though I haven't been able to really do the traditional pastoring of visiting people, making phone calls, I've tried to do that, but really is falling by the wayside with the long hours and days of working with the hospital and COVID-19.

But an unexpected blessing has been how our church family has really rallied together and locked arms together. Many people without my initiating it, have just sort of created a network of phone calls to lonely people, older people, and I just couldn't be more blessed by that. That just we're living out that call.

We've extended our homeless shelter so that these hungry and homeless souls can fill the arms of Jesus and so I just couldn't be more blessed how the church is living out the command to love one another. And so I'm just very, very blessed and very grateful today. God bless.

Stuart Southerland @ Heritage Roasting Company

Hey friends, it’s Stuart in City of Shasta Lake with Heritage Missional Community and Heritage Roasting Company. And we do something called Love in a Cup and it's an opportunity for people to buy coffee on, we call it ‘on suspension’ or ‘buy a cup of coffee for somebody in the future.’ And we had a local business say, "Hey, we want to help you guys give away a hundred free drinks." And we thought, "That's really cool. That's kind of in line with who we are, what we do." And we were wondering, “How do we be generous right now?”

And so, this whole thing just started coming together. And so, on April 1st, we had a hundred free coffee drinks to give away to our community and each day after that, the coffee continued to...The pot, the amount of money that we were able to give people free drinks...kept growing. We were giving away drinks, but the people were receiving generosity and then they were being generous in return. And this beautiful thing is taking place.

It's now April 15th, and we are not only giving away free drinks, we're giving away free meals to people in our community. And it's such a beautiful picture of what it looks like to operate in generosity. We're seeing a town that's really overcome with poverty, being generous, and we're excited to see just the Lord moving and working. Such a great story to share. Thanks for listening.

Perry Alexander @ Kailua Community Church

Good morning everyone. I'm Perry from Kailua Community Church. Taking this one minute to just share how the Lord has really blessed our church during this time. I'm in my 31st day of being self-quarantined and yet I've seen the ministry that we have, expand worldwide.

We were forced into live streaming and that has turned out to be such a blessing. Where we usually had 450 some odd people on a weekend, we now are how having well over 2000 to almost 3000 views of our services and each view could represent one, two, five or more people.

We also have had people watching us from Namibia, Uganda, Serbia, Greece. And people that have attended our church over the years, they're now spread over the US mainland. So we're excited that God has expanded our ministry. As the apostle Paul said that these circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel.

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