C&MA Leaders Respond to the Recent Racism and Violence in Our Country

[fa icon="calendar"] July 22, 2016 / by District Office

people_holding_hand_with_american_flagThe violent events of the past few weeks are uncovering issues and pain that are not new in our country, but are showing a further destabilizing which leads to less confidence in what man can do or fix. It’s all further evidence that we live in a broken world and our nation needs healing and wisdom.

In response to the recent and recurring loss of African-American lives and the attack on Dallas police and other police forces around the country, key leaders in the Alliance community have shared their thoughts about what’s happening in our country.

Below is an excerpt from Rev. Kelvin Walker, pastor of Bedford Community Church (New York), president of the C&MA Association of African-American Churches, and C&MA Board member:  



“License and registration…”
And within seconds, he’s dead
I’m sorry, y’all, please forgive me
But this is messin’ with my head

Two men in two days…this can’t possibly be real
Now we’re at 115 this year (or more—I’ve lost count)
I don’t even know how I feel

I think I’ve just kept quiet out of fear
Would I be treated like Williams and Lecrae
But as one who serves the God of love and justice
There is just no way

I can’t continue in quiet
While I’m weeping in silence
And not be a prophetic voice for change
Because, if I do not say something
Or do something
Or stand for something
Then Alton and Philando have both died in vain

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